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20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

It’s difficult being the DJ at your own party because everyone will always have something to say about the music. Whether it’s to dance or too mellow, you can’t please everyone. 

That being said, we’ve found some songs that you definitely need in your playlist for the next time you’re having a party and getting ready to boogie. 

Here is a list of 20 songs for your next party playlist: 

1. Destination Calabria (feat. Crystal Waters) 

Alex Gaudino – 2007

Party playlists have to have something in it for everyone because, at the end of the day, you’re hopefully not going to be the only one attending your party. 

This jam will have everyone up and dancing because, at the back of our minds, everyone knows this song. No one can say no to a throwback tune.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

2. Intoxicated 

Martin Solveig & GTA – 2015 

From the second the first beat begins, everyone will have their heads moving to the beat as well as their knee bouncing up and down. 

This song has been all over this past year and it just makes sense for it to be a part of your next party playlist. 

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

3. Dance On The Table (MOTi Remix) [Feat. Caitlyn Scarlett, Kida Kudz & Double S]

CLiQ – 2019

As a relatively new song, it’s perfect for you to introduce this song to your friends, and there’s no better way than introducing a dance song at a party. 

Get everyone on their feet with a lot of help from this song.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

4. P.I.M.P

50 Cent – 2003

Throwback songs are crucial to any party playlist. It’s important that a lot of different genres are included in a playlist. As long as they are upbeat and will get people singing along, then you’re doing your job right. 

Plus, who didn’t sing to this song in front of their mirror when they were kids? Now you can listen to the uncensored version.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

5. Coming Over (filous Remix)

James Hersey – 2015

Introducing a more mellow tune into the party playlist gives everyone to take a step back from dancing in order to refill their drink or talk to each other while this song plays in the background.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

6. Baby I’m Yours (Feat. Irfane)

Breakbot – 2015

A party playlist does not need to include exclusively dance songs. Electronic songs are a large part of a party, as well. Since it’s not a club, you can add varying songs into the playlist, because it appeals to different people more often.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

7. Simon Says (Feat. Juicy J)

Megan Thee Stallion – 2019

Just because it’s hot girl summer does not mean that you can’t make your party the perfect place for hot girls to feel themselves. As well as a banging beat, Megan Thee Stallion makes it her mission to teach people how to twerk. 

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

8. Truth Hurts

Lizzo – 2017

No one hates Lizzo and that’s the real fact about the situation. This song will have everyone singing along, especially the girls. It will put people in a situation that they have probably never been in. How Adele makes people pretend like they’re going through a breakup, Lizzo does it better.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

9. You & Me (Flume Remix) [Feat. Eliza Doolittle]

Disclosure – 2014

Why not bring back major bangers from the past years into your party playlist? It’s a walk down memory lane and no one’s really upset to be hearing them again.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

10. Boom (Feat. MOTi, Ty Dolla $ign, Wixkid & Kranium)

Major Lazer – 2015

Actually, it’s completely okay to include every single song from Major Lazer into your party playlist, because they know exactly how to get a party started. 

But, this list could not be all Major Lazer as it wouldn’t be fair.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

11. Honey

070 Shake, Ralphy River & Hack & Tree – 2016

Introduced to us by Lewis Capaldi on his Instagram story, we haven’t stopped listening to it since. It is a mix of hip-hop and dance music all in one. You’ll be surprised at yourself when you begin dancing and catching onto the lyrics.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

12. Bad Guy

Billie Eilish – 2019

Although, yes, probably incredibly overused by now, Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ is the one song that people love to hate. They will still sing along as no one can help themselves. 

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

13. Mr. Brighstide

The Killers – 2003

Actually, the one song that will have white people going insane at a party. Party attendees will completely lose a sense of their surroundings and be taken over by the spirit of The Killers. 

Still a banger though.

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20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

14. Jumpin’ Jumpin’ 

Destiny’s Child – 2004

If no one at the party knows this song, then you need to make new friends and stand by your playlist. Taking it back to the early 2000s is important for any party atmosphere. 

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

15. Shoop

Salt-N-Pepa – 1993

Taking it even back to the early ’90s, Salt-N-Pepa basically invented the right way to get everyone on their feet. 

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

16. Boasty (Feat. Idris Elba)

Wiley, Stefflon Don & Sean Paul – 2019

Drunk people will dance to anything when they’ve been drinking, but you truly know a song is worthy when sober people begin dancing. This jam is perfect for every party playlist.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

17. Funkin’ Around

Outkast – 2001

Outkast even begins their song ‘Funkin’ Around’ with a perfect introduction so the host doesn’t have to. If people don’t recognize this song, give them a few seconds to readjust, because this song honestly gets better every second.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

18. Xxplosive (Feat. Hittman, Six-Two, Nate Dogg & Kurupt)

Dr. Dre – 1999

Old school Dr. Dre’s smooth beats on this mix is the perfect amount of chill and boogie. It allows one to dance as well as rap along.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

19. NsfW (DRKTMS Remix)

GOLDA – 2018

This time, it’s a mix of R&B and soul meshed together with dance music due to the remix. Nowadays, if the song can be remixed, it belongs on your party playlist. And everything can be remixed.

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

20. Move Your Feet

Junior Senior – 2002

In the words of Junior Senior: “Everybody move your feet until you’re naughty.” 

This song will get everyone up on their feet because it’s the most upbeat song ever. And if they don’t know the song, they will instantly recognize it from the film ‘White Chicks’. 

20 Songs For Your Next Party Playlist

If you have better songs that deserve to be on this list, let us know in the comments below!

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