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10 Songs For Your Karaoke Playlist

10 Songs For Your Karaoke Playlist

10 Songs For Your Karaoke Playlist

You’ll be screaming to the top of your lungs with your friends once you add these ten songs to your karaoke playlist!

1. “Versace on the Floor” // Bruno Mars

This popular 90s-R&B-nostalgia track is the perfect song to add to your karaoke playlist. Even though Bruno Mars hits all the notes perfectly, you’ll have help from your friends who most likely also know this catchy, body-roll-invoking hit.

2. “The Power of Love” // Celine Dion

Sing to your lover with this romantic tune from our favorite throwback artist Celine Dion. This song will surely have you and your friends screaming to the top of your lungs in order to reach those (many) high notes, as most of her songs tend to do!


3. “No Tears Left to Cry” // Ariana Grande

It was hard to pick only one song from Ariana, as she has recently put out hit after hit that we all want to sing! But I think “No Tears Left to Cry” is the perfect song to add to your karaoke playlist since it’s popular enough for everyone to know while also enabling you to show off your singing skills. Let’s be real though, we’ll add a few more (if not all) of her songs to our karaoke queue.

4. “Valerie” // Amy Winehouse

There’s not a day where I don’t miss Amy Winehouse. She sang so many amazing songs, but “Valerie” will always and forever be a classic that was a chart-topper for good reason. Like all of the songs on this list, you can easily impress your friends with this song to sing or have a fun time collectively screaming them off-key.


5. “Dreaming of You” // Selena

Already made popular as a song to sing along to (and cry) by Gina Rodriguez’s latest Netflix original movie Someone Great, “Dreaming of You” is necessary for your karaoke playlist especially if you’re out with the girls. This is the best song for a late night cathartic release while you’re thinking about the one who got away or the boy who you’re not sure even knows you exist.

6. “I Have Nothing” // Whitney Houston

The queen of pop has given us countless tracks to add to our karaoke playlist, but by far the hardest (yes, even harder than “I Will Always Love You”) song to sing is this one. The vocal range Whitney has in this song is so large that it starts off seemingly do-able, but once you get to the middle of the song it becomes almost impossible to reach any note, unless you’re Whitney Houston of course! Although this song has a high level of difficulty, it’s another one you can screech out with your friends for fun!


7. “Mamma Mia” // ABBA

This is also a song that’s most necessary for your karaoke playlist! Fun and upbeat, “Mamma Mia” never fails to get you and your best friends on your feet. This song is perfect for a change of pace from all those other high-note-filled love songs.

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8. “…Baby One More Time” // Britney Spears

Do your best Britney Spears impression by adding this classic pop song to your karaoke playlist. This song is also a great one to impress your friends with your vocal talents while also having fun and dancing too! 90s babies unite!

9. “Bad Romance” // Lady Gaga

A more recent karaoke classic, “Bad Romance” from Lady Gaga has us all doing the little monsters dance. When this song came out, times were simpler, Obama was still president, and Gaga was at peak weirdness. Relive it all for four minutes by adding this fun and catchy song to your karaoke playlist!


10. “All I Ask” // Adele

Possibly the saddest song on the list, “All I Ask” is one to sing for the times you’re really in your feels. Adele always delivers the best performance of melancholy love songs, but so can you! While I’d surely add her other songs to the queue, “All I Ask” really hits different…especially when you know it was also co-written by Bruno Mars!

Which song from your karaoke playlist is your go-to? Let us know in the comments below!

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