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6 Songs For When You Need Reminding You’re A Bad Bitch

6 Songs For When You Need Reminding You’re A Bad Bitch

6 Songs For When You Need Reminding You're A Bad Bitch

As ladies, sometimes we forget that we are bad bitches. And if you think that a bad bitch is the worst way to describe being an independent woman then please get with the times! We are all bad bitches, so hakuna your tatatas, and listen to my guide on how to remind yourself you are THAT bitch.

1. No Scrubs – TLC

Chilling in the passenger side of his best friends ride, HELL NO. This song is what really gets your energy levels back up, because this is a bad bitch ANTHEM. We don’t need no man hollering at us from the passenger seat, we want the real ass man because we are real ass bitches. Get into your bad bitch mindset with this 90’s banger.

2. Me, Myself and I – Beyonce

Beyonce got us feeling some type of way with this beautiful song. Not only it is a reminder that you are a bad bitch, but it is also a song that makes you realize you gotta do you, girl! Do you, and let those the peasants do them! ME, MYSELF AND I. A life motto, and another hit from the Queen B.


3. Truth Hurts – Lizzo

This song is my current anthem right now. It is exactly what you need when you’re doubting your worth because you’re GREAT. Get this tune on, realize you are 100% THAT bitch and live your best life. Maybe even chug a bottle of wine with this one too. Dance around, enjoy yourself and realize you’re a bad bitch just like Lizzo.

4. I Wish I Missed my Ex – Mahalia.

Mahalia is a queen for these kinda jams. Of course, we don’t wish we missed our ex, and she makes this point perfectly with her sarcasm. It’s a ‘Me miss you? HA!’ which shows how you are so much better than your ex. Get this jam on, use your hairbrush as your microphone and get jamming. Enjoy because you are a BADDD BITCCCH!

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5. My Neck, My Back – Khia

I had to throw this track in here. It isn’t exactly a meaningful song but it gets you dancing like a bad bitch nonetheless. This song serves as a reminder that you are a goddess. It’s perfect for a girls night so you can all sing along, or perfect when you’re getting ready for the club so you can enjoy your night like the bad bitch you are!

6. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Adele is in spreading her sass. Send my love to your new lover i.e GOOD LUCK TO THEM. If this Adele song doesn’t have you singing into your hairbrush until you’re ready to drop then you do not deserve it. Adele can be way unappreciated sometimes. How could we write this without adding an Adele song? This is a bittersweet song but it is also a reminder that you are much better than he is. So get your Adele on with this tune! Screw that dude who sucks and just do you. Sing this and let’s patiently prepare for her next SASSY record.

Now some people may associate being a baddie with being the worst, but gals, we know what it is. We are independent women who know their stuff, who don’t need NO man to get us through our lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t like or appreciate having a partner, it just means that we can survive alone too. Gotta learn to love being alone first ladies! If you ever doubted that you are a bad bitch, I hope these songs remind you of your worth. What’s your favourite from the list? Get commenting, bitches.

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