10 Summer Songs To Avoid If You’re Single AF

Summer is for the single! It’s the season when couples are most likely to break up and the summer months are full of opportunities to travel and have fun without any attachment holding you back. But that unfortunately doesn’t mean sickly couples will stop making out in your favorite locations, and it certainly doesn’t mean the radio is going to dedicate all it’s air time to Demi and Dua Lipa. So here are 10 songs about being in love to avoid if you’re single AF right now so nothing can harsh your summer party vibes.

1. “For You” Liam Payne and Rita Ora

Hopefully you’re avoiding all Fifty Shades-related things right now, unless you want to cry and curse your ex for never buying you extravagant gifts to try and fix your problems. In this song, Liam and Rita sing about how after a lifetime of waiting, true love has set them free and made their lives better than ever. Well, some of us are still waiting, guys, so keep it to yourselves.

2. “Morning Light” Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys

The catchy beginning of this song will make you wanna stick around and bop to it, but turn it off quickly before Justin starts singing about how lucky he is to have found the perfect girl because it isn’t you.  The pair sings this easy jam about how in love and obsessed they are with each other and that’s all they can think about or do. And you’ve got better things to do than listen to that.

3. “Make Me Feel” Janelle Monae

Okay, so this is a banger. No one can ignore it and I never want to discourage listening to Janelle, but it does happen to be her listing all her feelings of love to the intended audience. If you can get past that, keep the song on because it’s a fun hit, but if you’re still hung up on someone, or the lack thereof, shut it down.

4. “Location” Khalid

Another sexy hit like Janelle’s you should be wary of this summer. Location immediately makes you wanna swing your hips and you might start only too late to notice there’s no one swaying behind you. There’s nothing wrong with dancing alone! Show all those boys what they’re missing. But if it hurts to hear someone sing about how all they need is (not) you, skip this song for the summer.

5. “Loving is Easy” Rex Orange County and Benny Sings

This is a lighter summer day jam you could easily let yourself slip into during the easy-going intro, but that first line “loving is easy” will wake you right up. It’s the kind of song you can’t help but imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing to whoever he loves in a movie montage, which might not be what you need right now, especially when he sings about how he was almost happy all on his own until he found love. No, loving is not easy.

6. “Best Part” Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.

You should know this is a love song from the second it starts. There’s no fooling around with these soft jam vibes. The lyrics follow quickly, about how sweet it is to be held and whatnot. There are plenty of things to enjoy this summer without a significant other. Don’t get distracted being told they’re the “best part.” These songs about being in love are to be avoided at all costs if you’re single AF.

7. “Meant to Be” Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha

Probably by this time, you already know to avoid this one, or maybe you’ve gone numb to the lyrics after hearing them so constantly for so long. Here is your warning to not get sucked back in forgetting what the lyrics are really like. You don’t want to find yourself drinking wine at home some night only to realize the song is about cruising through the summer together and finding out if love is meant to be. Meant to be? Sure, but not right now.

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8. “Banana Clip” Miguel

Another song you’re gonna have to tear yourself away from if you need distance from love songs for your own mental sanity. I say tear yourself away from, cause this is another super fun and catchy song you’ll want to lean into the second you get listening. Don’t! It may be in an unusual way, but Miguel is singing all about his love with that voice oozing sex. Unless you wanna start following Miguel on tour to try and get him to love you, listening probably won’t help.

9.” You are the Reason” Calum Scott and Leona Lewis

“There goes my heart beating, cause you are the reason….” to turn this song off. Immediately. These lyrics come in right away to let you know you don’t need to hear the rest. The song may be about a breakup, but if that’s what you’re going through or even went through 2 years ago, hearing Calum and Leona sing about how much they need each other back is gonna hurt the heart.

10. “Happier” Ed Sheeran

I don’t need to tell you to avoid Ed Sheeran, all Ed Sheeran. If “Perfect” plays even within distant ear shot of your single self, you’re likely to either cry, run away, or throw up. But “Happier” should be avoided for the opposite reason. Ed is singing all about seeing an old ex and how much happier she is, and how someday he hopes to be that happy himself. It is bittersweet and a little heartbreaking for anyone who has ever let an ex go and if you are already in a fragile state, you will be sobbing your eyes out in no time. Thanks, Ed.

For every sad breakup or sappy couple songs about being in love available right now, there are a ton out there celebrating being single, loving yourself, and having a good time this summer. Make a playlist out of those and don’t let all that mushy love get you down. You’re young! You’ll have plenty of time for that later.

What are some songs about being in love you recommend to avoid? Let us know in the comments below!

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Haley Kellner

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