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Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things You’ll Find At Western New England University

Some Of The Most Ridiculous Things You’ll Find At Western New England University

When your applying to schools, have you ever thought about what the students REALLY think about it? There is nothing more frustrating than being enrolled to a college or university that just doesn’t tell you the nitty-gritty of the things you should know. You shouldn’t want to go to a school that doesn’t tell you the whole story. No one wants to talk bad about the school they ultimate picked and loved. But sometimes, the things you love can also annoy you. Here is what I found to be the most ridiculous things at Western New England University. 

1. Parking Pass Rates

At Western New England University, being able to park your car becomes the ultimate challenge when you don’t have a lot of money. Although there is a growing amount of attendee’s at this university, the price keeps increasing!

Since this is my last year at Western New England University, I’ve noticed that for the past 3 years the price has stayed the same ($120) and then all of a sudden it increased $60 to $200 for this current semester! This is one of the most current ridiculous things at Western New England University. How could the price of parking permits go up when there are more students enrolling?


Not only are the prices ridiculous, you can only park where you live which makes picking up packages or having to do anything across from campus  like mission impossible. 

2. The Line At Starbucks In The Morning

As maybe some of you may know, Western New England University built a brand-new dinning commons that opened at the beginning of last school year. Within this new building, they relocated the Starbucks from the old dining hall to the new one but seems to me that they cut down of the number of people working during the 15 minute rushes every hour until 11am.

If you are anything like me, you need your coffee in the morning… And so does everyone else. I get it, no one wants to be a barista to a whole college population, but we all know you have more than one person working at 9:30am. 


Although there is a Dunkin’, which is maybe a 5-minute walk from campus that you could go to, that one is also busy most of the time as well. You can’t have the best of both worlds when it comes to coffee. 

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3. Walking To Class And Seeing People Sit On The Bear

Our mascot is a Golden Bear at Western New England University. The bear, pictured below, is a statue which as had the pleasure of being sat on for a long time. It’s a tradition at this lovely university and continues to be one of the best things about this place.


I haven’t seen this bear not have a child on its back for pictures since I’ve been enrolled. I admit, I have done it. But it’s different when people are not walking pass while you’re struggling to get on to this 4-foot-high golden bear. 

Although comical, I wouldn’t be caught trying to get up on that bear in broad daylight. But I wouldn’t might the giggles people bring. 

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4. Speed Bumps

At Western New England, they pride in making sure that if you go over a speed bump doing above the speed limit that you might need new struts because of how high they are. If you live in an on campus residential complex (such as Gateway) they made sure to insert more speed bumps than necessary to keep everyone save. 

At the end of the day, putting more speed bumps in than the school needs only cost them more money, which, I guess, is why they have to bump up our permit prices.

5. Crickets

When you pick housing for upper class-men at Western New England University, there will be a special surprise when you pick an apartment style dorm than the rest. It won’t just be the four of you who picked an apartment together; crickets will most likely move in with you too! 

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The sound crickets make at night, sooth some people so much they keep their windows open at to hear them. But when you pick this housing, the sound of crickets could echo from your heater vent all throughout the night. If Western New England needed to pick another mascot, The Cricket would have to take the cake!

6. Dining Hall Hours

For freshmen who have the 7-day all access meal plan required by Western New England University, you’ll find that the dining hall is not open until 9 or 10pm. In fact, this dining commons closes at 8pm but puts food away starting at 7:30pm. How can a two story dining commons close so early with so much food!


This forces the freshmen to order Domino’s or Chinese to get the late night study food fix. Which shouldn’t be as bad, but waiting for food to come and going to already made food are two different types of laziness freshmen might have after their midterms first semester!

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7.  Quiet Hours

During my freshmen year at Western New England University, I found that quiet hours means, not making a noise unless it’s from your computer and that everyone is a snitch. Seeing 12 kids get busted when the clock strikes midnight and quiet hours have started and $25 tickets got handed to everyone in that dorm because they didn’t realize quiet hours had started. 


Make sure you got your noise making self enough time before mid terms or finals week because I’d hate to be the person on the receiving end of those violations. 


Western New England University is a great place that allows for a lot of opportunities and it wouldn’t be my campus without not liking a few things about it! Having the perfect campus would be boring to just about everyone and these things, small to say the least, just need to be tolerated. School is like a significant other who gets on your nerves sometimes, but you love them no matter what!

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