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Some Of The Best Beauty Products To Buy At Target

It’s so easy to walk out of Target with way more than you planned to buy. It’s almost like a curse. You walk in the store with the intention of only grabbing hair conditioner and walk out with multiple bags hanging on your arm instead. They do tend to have everything you could possibly ever need though. From beauty products to food and home decor, it is clear to see why spending so many hours at Target is a normal everyday thing for people.

However, if there’s one aisle in particular that I love to explore, then it would have to be the beauty aisles. They have such a wide variety of skincare, makeup, and hair products! Keep reading to find out about some of the best beauty products that they happen to sell. 

Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm

You’re probably going to fall in love with Pixi products after trying this product right here. The Rose Flash Balm is oil-free and has 3 uses! Yes, 3. It can be used as a regular moisturizer, a mask, or primer for makeup. After applying it to your face, you will instantly feel and notice the difference. It’s suited for all skin types and works especially great if you’re looking for that midday moisturizer to pick your skin up a little bit.

Shop the product here:

Brite No Orange Hair Mask

This hair mask is truly one of a kind if you’re looking to keep your hair healthy and far from damage. It works best when paired with brunette/dark-colored hair since it helps to fight the warm and rusty tones found in it. The mask itself is blue, making it a fun and pretty one to apply.  

Shop the product here:

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes

Perfect for all skin types, these facial wipes are gentle yet extremely moisturizing. You can use them before you wash your face to get rid of any excess oils, makeup, or dirt. There are a few facial wipes out there that have dried out my skin or irritated it to the point where I broke out because of them, but these work hard to avoid all of that. They’re hypoallergenic, oil-free, and non-comedogenic. 

Shop the product here:

Burt’s Bees Hydrating Gel Cream

This hydrating gel cream by Burt’s Bees contains one of the most nourishing yet natural ingredients, royal jelly. If you’re looking for something that will hydrate your skin all the while keeping it soft and supple looking, then this gel cream might be your new go-to. The essential amino acids it contains help to keep your skin glowing and nourished for up to 48 hours! 

Shop the product here:

See Also

S.W. Basics Cleanser

This gentle cleanser has only 3 organic ingredients! And we all know the fewer ingredients, especially harsh, the better. It has organic rosewater, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic tea tree oil in it. It’s gentle, contains no alcohol, and is non-drying, making for the perfect facial cleanser if you’re looking for something organic and natural to use on your skin every day. 

Shop the product here:

Flamingo Razor

This razor right here will give you that close shave you desire while holding onto one of the most comfortable handles ever. It has a five-blade head and a hydrating strip with aloe vera. The handle itself is made of rubber so the grip it gives is great. After exfoliating your skin, shaving with a razor like this is bound to give you amazing results! 

Shop the product here:

Which Target product are you most likely to buy during your next trip? Comment which one down below!

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