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Some Key Advice For New Bloggers

Some Key Advice For New Bloggers

If you have a knack for writing, have a strong passion for anything at all in this world or want to teach someone something new, you should consider starting up your own blog site.

By definition, a blog, short for a web log, is “a web page that is ran by an individual or a group that writes posts in an informal or conversational style” (Google Dictionary). 

Blogging is a super easy once you get the hang of it, but it can be pretty hard to find your footing early on. If you want to attract more visits to your page, there are some things that you should know as you get started. Here is some key pieces of advice for all of you new bloggers out there:


Know what you want to write and who you’re writing for.

New bloggers should first figure out what exactly they want to write about. Is it book reviews? Is it sports debates? Is it a journal of personal experiences that stand as life lessons? You really can choose just about whatever you want with this one.

With a topic in place, you should then figure out what your desired target audience is.

Be prepared to dedicate yourself.

Blogging takes a commitment to stay on top of and continually post in order to have a blog worth following. Staying consistent with posting content takes dedication. Have faith that your page will grow, and with dedication, it will.


Be yourself.

Being passionate about your writing means really putting yourself out there through your writing. Showing your personality through your words will be very enticing to your audience.

Be genuine. Be authentic. You are unique, so bring your own style to the blogging world.

Some Key Advice For New Bloggers


Be patient.

New bloggers aren’t going to get a million page visits and hundreds of comments under their first post, or their second, and probably not their third, either. Stay patient and stick with it.

Conversate, debate, or educate.

The best way for new bloggers or any bloggers to pull in visitors is to keep your audience engaged with your content. These are the best three ways to do just that.

Create conversations in your writing that encourage comments at the end. Comments are excellent forms of feedback and help your audience connect with one another.


Stir up a debate with your blog content. This is the strongest way to generate audience interaction with your post.

Teach your audience a thing or two. People always love to learn something new.

The more audience interaction you have, the stronger your following will become.


Always brainstorm.

Always be thinking of new things you can type up and share with your audience. Wherever you are and whenever it may be, write down or type up any ideas that come to mind. Having pages worth of potential content will keep you from facing the dreaded writer’s block.

Writing down outlines for different topic ideas can help you even further. New bloggers should quickly build the habit of thinking of and rough drafting multiple ideas to keep the brain working.

Some Key Advice For New Bloggers


Read other blogs.

New bloggers should check out a number of other blogs and read through different kinds of content to get a good feel for how blogging works. Checking out how others put together their writing can help shape their own.

Practice, experiment, and explore.

Practice writing out different blog posts (aka rough drafting). Figure out the style in which you want to deliver your content and practice actually putting it together. Another thing that is good to practice is editing and reviewing your writing.

Experiment with different writing styles. See what approaches work best for you and which ones should be left alone.


Explore different topics. You may have your topic locked in, but writing about something new and shifting your focus can be a bit refreshing as a blogger, even if you don’t intend to post it later on.

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Practicing, experimenting and exploring are all about writing a lot. New bloggers should build the habit of reading and writing a lot. And I mean A LOT.


Reach out to others.

Attention new bloggers: social media is one of your best friends.

A great advantage you should utilize as a new blogger is using social media as a networking tool. Share your blog content to on multiple social media platforms to promote your work and encourage your friends and family to check it out. The ones you love will most likely be your first supporters, and will be more than willing to help share your new blog around as well.

Some Key Advice For New Bloggers


Make yourself reachable.

Reach out to others by sharing links to your blogs on social media. Make yourself reachable by sharing links to your social media accounts on your blog page. Let your followers interact with you directly or stay posted on when you’ve posted to your blog.

Be willing to adapt.

The world of blogging changes ever so rapidly. One style of writing might work wonders today, but could be lost in the shuffle by tomorrow. This is why reading other blogs is important.

Seeing different styles can teach you something new and help you make minor tweaks or drastic changes to your blog posts that will keep you in touch with blogging trends.


Know your goal.

Do you want to blog just for the fun of putting your thoughts to a page, or is there more to it for you? Know what your intentions are when you enter the blogging realm.

Enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re blogging for fun or have goals to make profit, don’t forget to have fun. Blogging is a personal project. It is whatever you want to make it, and should be fun. Don’t let it stress you out.

Some Key Advice For New Bloggers


Blogging won’t come as easy as you might think, and many mistakes will come along the way, but don’t be deterred. All new bloggers have to start somewhere, and following these guidelines will help you know what it takes to begin building your own blog page today. Write a bunch, read a ton, study a lot, and you’ll be well on your way!

Were this tips helpful? Do you already have a blog page and have additional advice to share? Post your feedback in the comments below.

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