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Some Great Clubs And Restaurants In Umeå And Skellefteå

Some Great Clubs And Restaurants In Umeå And Skellefteå

The club and restaurant scene is always interesting no matter where you go. Here are some great clubs and restaurants in Umeå and Skellefteå you have to check out!

The club and restaurant scene is always interesting no matter where you go. Here are some great clubs and restaurants in Umeå and Skellefteå you have to check out!


Scharinska in Umeå

A pink house and inside is a nice room, with bar and dancefloor and a concert room. And the furniture is pink, and the atmosphere is amazing. Nice, happy people, and the staff are nice and the music is mostly pop, rock and every once in awhile they have a goth club there, with goth rock music. A nice diversion to everyday life. The food is delicate, chili con carne and various dishes that will blow you away. Remember to bring an ID.
Scharinska is a great place to hang out at and it gets 5 stars from me.


Why not try Utopia, the biggest eatery in Umeå, with such dishes as Thai, American bbq burgers, and soups and Greek dishes to boot?


Rosegarden Thai

A place that is welcoming, with nice Thai food at it´s very best with spicy fried chicken and chili sauce, Thai peanut sauce and sushi along with meat with vegetables etc. Entering Utopia, you´ll get a sense of the atmosphere, and the exotic dishes spread scents so wonderful and lovely that you want nothing more than to go upstairs and eat! The restaurants are nice, welcoming and lovely. And the prices aren’t so bad. It gets 4 stars from me.

Mc Donalds

What would Umeå be without mc Donalds? Step inside and order from happy, young people and order a Big Mac and fries and a Pepsi coke. The air inside Mc Donalds all smell of fries and of burgers being made and you sit and discuss the latest news. Eating french fries or Mc Feast? You can’t miss this one when it comes to clubs and restaurants in Umeå and Skellefteå.


So after that, maybe up for a good time at MaX
-the best burgers in Sweden? Enjoy this place but Donken isn’t good after a night out.


The boat by Umeå lake

Enter and eat their delicious food, an eatery that is lit up by lamps and by the scent of the lake, and the sun setting in the distance, sending golden sails on the water’s edge? Enjoy the nice atmosphere and the boat and it´s nice staff, giving you the best they have to offer before you head off homewards for a good nightcap.


I loved it there, you just slip inside and order your food. Its´ burgers with fries and kebabs along with different pizzas, the prices are cheap and downstairs is a cute little restaurant with a nice aura. The opening hours aren´t that great but the food though in fact, is great. 5 stars.

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Inside of Mollys, where I´ve never been, is nice and the music is good and the people are nice.
I am in love with discotheques so I might as well give it a try sometime. I like small places and this is no exception. Plenty of space to dance, make new friends and to meet someone.

Wok n Roll

Wok n roll is a good place. The Thai food is above great and the staff is nice and helpful.
I can highly recommend their 3 little dishes and fried chicken. I love Thai food, so whenever I can, I just pop inside and order takeaway. Nice and nicely furnished.
5 stars A+.

Big smile

Old frasses now with a new name. The staff is happy and nice and the foods ok
and above fantastic. I am a huge fan of their hot sauce and their ordinary dressing
and the coke. Cheap affordable prices and good burgers and even onion rings.
And kebabs. A really nice place for anybody. An absolute must when it comes to clubs and restaurants in Umeå and Skellefteå you should visit.
5 stars.



Hamburgers, french fries, and dressing and hot chicken wings with dressing on them. it´s a great place to eat at and enjoy the food. And the football games and the happy people. Love it here and I never wanna leave. 5 stars.

What do you think of these clubs and restaurants in Umeå and Skellefteå? Let us know in the comments below!
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