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Socially Distanced Fall Activities

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

Fall activities don’t fall onto the list of everything postponed or canceled this year. It’s time to get creative in the coziest season and stay socially distanced. Live your best life in the best season while the world heals.

DIY Candles

Instead of shopping for this iconic fall decor piece, turn it into a fun fall activity. You’ll start by either ordering wax flakes from online or visiting your local crafting store if that’s available to you. Finding candle wicks may be more obscure so online might be a better option for this fall activity. The exciting part of DIY candles comes from picking your own scents and the container for your new candle.

Essential oils, spices, and coffee grounds make for the perfect scent elements in your candle. Fill mason jars, teacups, or Halloween mugs to really set the mood for your new favorite DIY project. Light up your room and your self after the accomplished feeling of having made your own candle. Plus feel a little extra warmth knowing you upcycled some material and helped the planet.

Pinterest offers endless inspiration for this fall activity and easily walks you through the step by step process to keep you safe and cozy this fall season. Add it to your list of traditions to repeat next year along with all your normal fall activities.

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

Fall Leaf Hikes

With the exception of all the delicious treats, the colors of fall are what make it the most anticipated season of the year. If you haven’t done it before, taking a fall leaf hike is one of the fall activities that get the heart pumping in more ways than one.

Take a moment in the beautiful solitude of nature and admire the kaleidoscope color of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Enjoy the silence, solitude, and serenity nature brings, and reconnect with yourself and the spirit of the season. It’s one of those fall activities you’ll want to do every day and you should —  it’s a great way to make up for that extra fall treat.

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

Host A Virtual Decorating Contest

Don’t keep all those cute fall decorations locked in the closet this season. Pull out all the stops for one of the most aesthetic fall activities, but make it competative. Round up all your fall obsessed crew and see who has the most over the top decorations.

Make a FaceBook event and invite friends and family to the event. Set a day and time and for you and the decorating competitors to upload pictures of all your decorations. Then have all your guests vote and comment on the decorations. Celebrate with a zoom ceremony for the winner and cheers your favorite fall beverage. Get creative in your fall activities and give your friends and family a reason to smile even from far away.

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

DIY Mulled Wine And Apple Cider

Bust out a crockpot or a big pot and brew your own fall drink. Mulled wine’s body warming mixture of brandy and red wine accompanied by earthy spices make a drink only suitable for fall. This is one of the fall activities that keeps on giving because one batch can last all week.

If you’re in the mood for fall activities on the sweeter side, then making your own apple cider is the way to go. You can find instant mix in plenty of stores or you can go full DIY and mix the ingredients and seasoning yourself. Your home will smell like a Hallmark movie is being filmed in your kitchen as this warm drink fills the air. You’ll need cloudy apple juice, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg to bring this heavenly concoction together.

Use all the mugs for these drinks. So, next time someone asks why you need so many coffee mugs just know they’ve never taken part in one of the most warming fall activities out there.

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

Scary Movie Night

Remember those warm feel-good drinks we just talked about above? They pair perfectly with one of the most classic of fall activities. What’s a better way to social distance than by reminding yourself it’s scary to go out in the outside world anyway? Plus, when you watch scary movies at home, no one can see you jump or hide under your blanket.

See how many you can get through in one night and still be able to sleep. Reach out to your friends and use Netflix Party to get your friends in on the action so you don’t feel completely alone. They can still have fun participating in fall activities with you this season!

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

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Baking Contest With A Charity Give Away

If your Pinterest feed is full of fall treats you’re dying to make but not eat all of them, then bake away and give away. Leave tasty surprises on neighbors, friends, or family doorsteps. Keep your distance but spread your love through sweet treats. You don’t have to have everyone in your home for them to enjoy your baking skills. In fact, a little surprise on their doorstep makes this one of the fall activities that gives to others as much as it gives to you.

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

DIY Caramel Apples

Maybe the corn mazes and pumpkin patches you usually visit to get these sticky treats aren’t open this year but don’t let this apple fall off your fall activities list just yet. Taking the time and effort to make these treats at home will make that first bite that much sweeter.

Keep your design classic and shimmery or add all the extra toppings you see fit. Since you’re home, you’re in charge. No one can tell you that’s too many oreo crumbs on the outside.

Buy you’re favorite apple and show off your creations on social media to make all your sweet tooth followers jealous. Soon you’ll see DIY caramel apples popping up all over your feed.

Socially Distanced Fall Activities

Send Spooky Baskets In The Mail

If you aren’t much of a baker but still want your friends and family to know you are thinking of them this season, make one fo your fall activities making spooky baskets. This trend picked up last year for couples but who says you can’t just send it to anyone you love?

You can buy boxes from USPS (yay for supporting the postal service) and as long as you can get the box to close, they will ship it for a flat rate. Get creative, add favorite candy, pictures of you and that person you’ve forgotten about, write a spooky story for them to finish, and maybe a cuddly stuffy for the long, cold, dark nights.

What other fall activities can you think of that can be modified for social distancing? Inspire others in the comments below!

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