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Sneakers You Are Seeing Everyone Wear

Everybody loves a new pair of kicks but these trendsetters and followers just make you want to buy a pair to feel and look as fashionable as they do. With the trend of the 2000s being in and at its peak this 2020 year, does not mean these sneakers are fresh out of the factory being originally designed over 35 years ago. Today, we get to see what fresh and trendiest sneakers some well-known celebrities are kicking ass in. 

1. The Nike Dunks

Sneakerheads all over the world are very aware of the true value of a pair of Nike Dunks. Going back to 1985 when the Nike Dunks made its debut as a high-top shoe on the courts of basketball it quickly gained popularity as a fashion sneaker everyone just needed to have as a part of their sneaker collection. Today, we have seen that many celebrities just can’t get enough of the sneaker as some have even gotten a chance to collaborate with the sneaker manufacturer. Since 1964, Nike has gotten the chance to collaborate with many world-recognized stars and most recently got to work with Astroworld rapper, Travis Scott, on a pair of Nike Dunks that had everyone astonished and out of this world. Not only has Mr.Scott been recognized for his talented skills in the music industry but having support from baby mama Kylie Jenner to promote his Nike sneaker line made sure to sell out in seconds and capture the attention of the 170 Million followers difference between the two on her Instagram.

2. The Classic Air force One

Making their debut in 1982 as a basketball sneaker also got adopted into the fashion world that people just needed to get their hands on. Its very clean and eye-pleasing detail has gotten the sneaker to travel all over the world with models that we have seen walk down many high-end designers. Bella Hadid stunting in a vintage Dior piece bikini on a yacht with friends in Monaco with nothing but less than the stylish shoe that combined perfectly with her bathing suit. She is not the only big name that has styled these classy all-white sneakers, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Shay Mitchell all have stolen the show with just a $100 pair of sneakers you could get at your local mall. Don’t think that you need to stick to the original all-white as there are so many different combinations that you could purchase or even get down and DIY and create your own work of art on an all-white canvas sneaker but if you do have a little extra to spend and want to customize them to your liking Nike allows you to on their website and gives you to freedom to choose whatever color combination you like per section of the shoe.

3. Jordan Ones

Hall of Famer, Michael Jordan not only had a very successful career in the NBA but also had everyone wearing his sneakers that were in partnership with Nike. It all began in 1984 when the debut of the Jordan Ones was on the court and then produced for the public and on the shelves for fans to get in 1985. The first-ever pair of Jordan One sneakers Michael Jordan wore were recently held at auction for over half a million dollars making this a collectible to any die-hard basketball fan or a giant sneakerhead. Over time the sneaker has been recreated and created over and over with many different colors and even collaborations with some of the worthy names in the world. Lately, we have seen the turn with clothing to a more throwback look and that could not be any more possible without a pair of Jordan ones. Celebrities all over are styling the beautiful sneaker whether it be with an angel costume on their birthday bash or even going for a stroll at the mall. You could get a pair and stand out as they are a perfect sneaker to make a statement on their own but make sure to set your alarm and wake up extra early as they do sell out within minutes making it a fun game to try to get a pair of sneakers at 7 in the morning.

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4. Blazers Mid 77

The first-ever basketball sneaker has made a comeback. Created and released in 1973, endorsed by George Gervin also known as “the Iceman”, who is a 12 time all-star in the NBA supported the shoe and has made it back up in 2020. Just like the Nike Air Force and Jordan Ones the Blazers Mid ‘77 have been taken under the wing in the casual street fashion scene by many and have done a very great job at providing a very trendy cute look to nearly every outfit. The Blazer Mid ‘77 recently got the chance to collaborate with Italian luxury brand Off-White founded in 2012 by American Designer Virgil Abloh which stood out to sneaker collectors all over the world that a pair of sneakers could cost you up to $1,800. The sneaker isn’t only getting the attention of basketball fans but also runway models such as Bella Hadid who belongs to The Housewive Of Beverly Hills and real estate mogul Mohammed Hadid. In a pair of mom jeans and a flowy open white blouse and your sexiest shades, the sneaker tie in the look for a perfect stylish day for errands, and yes the sneakers Ms. Hadid are the Off-White collaboration costing a whopping $1,800. 

Sneakers unlike a top that can be basic but look cute are very important for any and every outfit. Whether you are about to hit the basketball court for a few rounds of hoop or go shopping all afternoon with your girl-friends you will be looking stylish and cute. So make sure to go out and have a shopping spree and get yourself a pair or even several of the hottest sneakers in 2020. Thank you so much for reading and make sure to share xoxo.

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