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10 Sneakers That Are So Popular Right Now

10 Sneakers That Are So Popular Right Now

Buying sneakers is like getting a tattoo; you always want more. Seriously it would be impossible to count how many pairs of white sneakers that I have owned in my life. Sneakers are perfect for throwing on with any outfit. Here are the most trending sneakers right now that you should definitely check out.

1. Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All Star

High top Converse are back in style and better than ever. Right now, people love the hightop platform Converse, which comes in white or black. I just purchased these shoes a couple months ago, and I am obsessed with them! They look good with every outfit and even give me a little height boost. They work well for a casual day outfit or even a night out. You can buy them for $70, and the shipping is rather quick as well!

2. Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low

Nike says that these shoes are “designed by and for women.” Instead of the classic Air Force 1’s, these have a bit of a platform and a slimmer, leather style. I have had so many pairs of Air Force 1’s in the past that have gotten dirty after just a couple weeks of wear, but this particular pair has stayed clean for much longer. Everyone needs a pair of white sneakers to complement their look! These Air Force 1’s put a spin on the classic sneaker and are worth spending $100 on.

3. Puma Cali Sport Heritage Women’s Sneakers

If you can’t tell already, platforms are super trendy right now! These Puma’s add some color to the classic white sneaker. You can go with red, blue, or yellow coloring to make your white shoe a little bit bolder. Even if you are wearing a pretty basic outfit, these shoes will add that extra touch that your outfit needs. You can buy them from Puma for $90.

4. Comme Des Garçons Play x Converse Chuck Taylor Hidden Heart High Top Sneaker

Comme Des Garçons teamed up with Converse to make the cutest street style shoes with a little peek-a-boo heart! Off white is also extremely stylish right now, so you’ll be sure to receive several comments while wearing these shoes. Get yours ASAP as they are selling out everywhere quickly! They’re around $150, depending on which seller you choose to buy them from.

5. Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would people actually pay money for dirty sneakers?” Well, apparently a lot of people because Golden Goose’s are running out almost everywhere. People love the distressed sneaker look. It’s an art, okay? I mean, you don’t have to worry about getting your sneakers dirty. Plus, these sneakers come with different color stars like the cheetah and zebra print, so it’s a fun way to spice up any outfit! They’re priced at around $530.

6. Reebok Club C 85 Sneaker

Having comfort and style in a shoe is all that really matters, and these Reebok’s have all that. Customers rave in the reviews about how comfortable these sneakers are. Did I mention how trendy and in-style they are too? They follow the off-white trend and are pretty versatile, so you can wear them with pretty much anything! Buy them from DSW for $69.99.

7. Marc Jacobs The Jogger Running Shoes

Looking for some designer running shoes? Marc Jacobs has the perfect sneakers for you! You’ll look fabulous, even when going for a run. They are now on sale for $177 on the Marc Jacobs website, so that gives you even more of an incentive to buy them! They come in so many different bright colors to choose from as well. They are “70s-inspired,” so you’ll also be able to accomplish the retro look that everyone is striving towards nowadays.

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8. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

A girl can never have too many pairs of white sneakers. White sneakers will never go out of style, and you can quote me on that. Stan Smith’s have been around for so many years. They’ve had some off years, but they’ve definitely been brought back in 2020. Stan Smith’s were initially made with the green logo and back, but now you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns! Buy them from the Adidas website starting from $80 (prices may vary if you decide to customize them).

9. Nike Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan’s are another shoe that has been around and popular for several years. Oftentimes they are hard to find or priced at ridiculously high prices. You have to dig around a bit on the Internet to find some reasonably priced ones. They’re so cute and give you a bit of a sporty vibe too. You can get them in low, mid, and high versions. I found a pair of pink and black (love the bright pink laces!) mid-rise Jordan 1’s for $100 without shipping on Seplook.

10. Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker

In 2020, everyone is craving anything vintage or retro looking. Might as well jump on the trend and get a pair of these original Nike designs! These shoes can be worn while going for a job or just as part of your streetwear attire. Either way, these shoes are sure to give you a comfortable and fashionable combo! They provide a lot of cushioning to keep your feet nice and comfy as well. Buy them from Urban Outfitters for $120.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what kind of sneaker that fits your style and personality. Everyone always has their own “go-to” sneakers to throw on anytime, anywhere. Sneakers can go with any outfit, literally, so they’re a necessary staple of anyone’s wardrobe. Personally, I would choose a good pair of sneakers over heels any day. Now it’s your turn to go shopping and find your new favorite sneakers!

Do you have a “go-to” sneaker that you love or are you planning to check out one of these styles? Let us know in the comment section below!

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