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10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

Without a doubt, the best part of any possible holiday celebration is, of course, the food. Just think about the savory mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, the juicy Christmas ham, the popped bottle of champagne on New Years Eve (that counts as food, right?). Food is a crucial part of celebration no matter what you’re celebrating, where you’re from, or who you’re with. But despite the overwhelming love for these delicious foods, holiday food prep is also oftentimes one of the most stressful aspects of any Holiday. However, it just must be done; because no matter the event, we deserve a mouth watering meal and a platter of desserts to enjoy. 

Labor Day is just around the corner. And this holiday is the perfect time for a picnic- to close out the summer and to celebrate all the work of the American Labor Movement. So with Labor Day approaching, it’s time to think about all things Labor Day Snacks, Desserts and even Lunchtime Dishes! Oh, and those fun drinks can most definitely not be ignored!

Here is a compiled list of 10 Labor Day snacks and other fun tasty treats. With this list of possibilities at your disposal, stress will come nowhere near your 2020 Labor Day Holiday food prep! 

Let’s Start with the ~main course~ options:

1. Finger Sandwiches…

Finger sandwiches say one of two things, either: “time for a spot o’ tea” or “summertime picnic”. Today we’ll go with the later (although the former is definitely a great option too, but it’s Labor Day. So “summertime picnic” it is!). 

Finger sandwiches are a great way to share food with friends, especially if you ~individually wrap them for COVID-level sanity~. Plus, it’s the perfect amount to try a few different kinds and not get too full. In your finger sandwich repertoire this summer, try them in the form of…

PB&J Star Sandwiches

such a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday! Shape the entire sandwich into a star, or add a peep-hole detail to the top layer like seen in the classic summer JIF ad below.

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

or, for finger sandwich option number two… 

2. Cucumber & Dill Finger Sandwiches

Sophisticate it up a little with this recipe. But don’t worry they’re still super simple to make and picnic friendly!

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

Un-finger sandwich related, but an equally picnic inspired dish is up for the list’s third option:

3. Pesto Pasta

Another classic group picnic dish, pesto pasta is a must-have Labor Day snack! To make? Super easy… just cook up some pasta of your choosing, and mix in some pesto sauce (can be homemade by simply blending avocado, spinach, basil & olive oil!), roasted pine nuts (do not skip this step if at all possible), and even some cherry tomatoes! Can. not. go. wrong. with. PESTO!

Moving on to some snacks to compliment the meal choices above…

4. Watermelon Salad

Refreshing is the only way to describe this dish! Take some cut-up watermelon and toss it with as much or as little greens as you’d like. Arugula works great, but so does spinach or mixed salad if that’s all you have. Add some feta for a cheesy kick and even some seeds or berries if you’re feeling extravagant. 

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

5. Fruit Kabobs

A Classic. Fruit Kabobs are the simplest Labor Day snack, any-day snack for that matter! Just decide which of the many delicious fruits you want to add & skewer away!

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

6. Red, White & Blue Charcuterie Board

Getting a little fancy with the oh-so-special charcuterie board (all the rage right now). Color coordinating on the board is a perfect way to make this snack special to Labor Day. Try some red and blue berries, some white cheese, and there you have it… the perfect Labor Day snack for everyone at the (socially distanced, limited number or people and most importantly safe) party you’re throwing! 

7. Festive Devilled Eggs

The old-time favorite hors d’oeuvre, devilled eggs, are a really fun way to personalize your Labor Day snack assortment. Food-color the egg whites to blues and reds, and voila… perfect for a celebratory picnic.

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10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

Next up, the most important part of any meal. Desserts:

8. Firecracker Jello Parfait 

All you need for this dessert is some red jello, blue jello, whipped cream and twizzlers! Plop the first three ingredients in whatever order looks the most delicious to you, and stick the twizzlers out of the top to resemble a firecracker taking off! This snack is not only perfect for Labor Day, but the 4th of July or any other summer celebration, too!

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

9. Rice Krispies

The oldest trick in the book taken to the next level with these renditions. Take that classic recipe of marshmallow melted down to stick rice krispie cereal together and make it all things Labor Day. Food-color the mixture, dip the rice krispie squares into white chocolate and top with colorful sprinkles, drizzle some red, white and blue icing on top… anything to make these tasty treats festive will do! 

Last but most definitely not least on this list of Labor Day snacks to try, a fun drink is always necessary.

10. Patriotic Punch

Make a batch of blue raspberry, cherry, or any other flavored fruit punch for everyone to enjoy! Want to change it up a bit? Blend it with some ice to create a nice slushy texture! Perfect for summer, perfect for a celebration. Top it off with the candy of your choice.

10 Snacks To Make For Labor Day

Whatever you decide to create this Labor Day, these Labor Day snacks are a perfect place to start. Whether you’re heading out to a picnic, having some friends over, or spending the day at a relatives house, these snack options are a great way to personalize some classic picnic snacks. Bring your favorite as a party favor or make them all! Just remember to try absolutely everything on this list because you will not be sorry!

Have a favorite Labor Day snack that you always make? What about one for a different holiday? And which of the snacks above do you plan on trying out this year? Let us know in the comments below!

*featured image credits to! Try their recipe for the perfect holiday weekend fruit parfait!
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