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10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

Mouth-watering snack ideas are an essential to a Saturday night in.  So here are 10 snacks you need for a cozy night in! 

1. Cheese Fries (A Must)

I will admit that it is an unhealthy choice but Saturday nights are cheat nights anyway. Besides, how can you resist the gooey, cheesy, I’m-so-going-to-regret-this taste? Add some crazy toppings like the ones shown below to the savory mess you’ll be devouring. 

If somehow the idea of having a cheesy, amazing goodness on top of your fries is too much, raid your favorite fast food place for some fries and dipping sauces! Customize it the way you want to and make it a party. 


10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

2. Trail Mix Popcorn Fiesta

On the less junkier side, a trail mix with popcorn is one of many healthy snack ideas that is also easy to make. The good part about this delicious snack is the you can mix and match it however you want and add your favorite items. Get creative and bring out your inner chef abilities! It also makes the perfect Pinterest picture.

Tip: If you are in the mood for some more cheating, adding M&M candies will make your trail mix 100 times more delicious. You will get that savory and sweet blend! 


10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

3. Ben & Jerry’s Delightful Ice Cream

In my opinion, ice cream is one of the best ways to treat any of your problems. The first bite will be having you forget about that test, boy and even your boss. Ben & Jerry’s has a range or variety of flavors for snack ideas. (Personally, I would go with cookies and cream or an original vanilla!)

If you aren’t a fan of Ben & Jerry’s (rare), then go for your favorite brand and stock up those pints of ice cream! 


10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

4. The Classic Chocolate Chip Therapy

Chocolate chip cookies are a girl’s best friend. It is the go to snack idea for those days where you want to cry and have chick-flicks queued up on your TV. It could also just be a snack for a fun sleepover with your friends! Whatever the case may be, get a load of some warm chocolate cookies (baked or store bought- we love both). 

Tip: The best thing I have done is eaten a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top. One of the best combinations of snack ideas is taking your Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints and adding a scoop onto your cookie! A mini pizookie, as I would call it will make the perfect cookie-ice cream-cake combo.  

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In


This is the most important item you can get. Get crazy with those nachos or tortilla chips and drown in all that guac. Guacamole snack ideas might not be a favorite of everybody because (shocker) not everyone likes guacamole. If that is the case then you can always use salsa or queso! 

Throw in some lime or avocado for a zesty blend to your mix! 

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

5. White Chocolate Pretzels

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pretzels, but they can get boring with the same old salty taste. To change things up a little, having a white chocolate coating on top of your pretzels will make it taste like heaven. You can even buy the ones that have sprinkles on top if you have a big sweet tooth. Personally, I like the basic white chocolate flavors but feel free to get crazy! 

6. Mmmmm… M&M’s

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you didn’t like the idea of adding M&M’s to your trail mix popcorn (see snack #2 if you were not paying attention), then having a bowl of just plain M&M’s will still give you a fun addition to all your other snacks. It’s a perfect blend of having some salty items and having a bowl of this delicious candy for some sweetness. 

To make things even more amazing, getting the peanut, peanut butter or pretzel flavored M&M will make your stay-at-home party more enjoyable. 

7. Some More S’mores

Although this may be seen as a snack idea for the cold/chilly days, I would say s’mores should be an all-year round deal. You can’t say no to a good Hershey filled s’more. Pile up those graham crackers and marshmallows to make that perfect melting snack. 

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If you don’t want to combine the ingredients to make an actual s’more, you can also assemble each ingredient onto a board (like the one shown below) and add a chocolate dipping sauce to bring it all together. You can dip your marshmallows or crackers into the melted chocolate for a sweet tooth. 

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

8. Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

A Serena Van Der Woodsen approved snack, chocolate covered strawberries will make you feel like you’re on cloud 9. Do I even have to give an argument for why you need to have this snack? You’re not having a proper night in if you didn’t dive into some strawberries with chocolate covered delight. 

Some may even add white chocolate drizzles to the strawberries for more flavor and an aesthetic look.  It makes it look like it took so much time and effort to make and that’s the dirty secret. 

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

9. Before I Regret It Brownies

Add some fun to your night by baking some brownies! You might not want to buy every single item (but if you’re lazy like me, I totally understand). If you’re in the mood for baking, definitely go for it and make some amazing brownies! You can even have a side of chocolate dip for your brownie to add some extra jazz for your snack. 

I like to call them “Before I Regret It Brownies” because you want to eat it all before you change your mind and regret it. 

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

10. Boba (Cause Why Not?)

This snack/drink might require some effort to obtain but it is totally worth the trip. It’s the perfect drink to gulp all your snacks down with. I’d recommend mango green tea with boba but you can get your favorites too. Make sure to snap that Instagram photo to add to your highlights! 

10 Snacks That You Need For A Saturday Night In

How did your Saturday night in go with these snack ideas? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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