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10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

There’s many reasons to drink smoothies: fitness, diet, taste, or the serenity it provides. Smoothies are used in tons of different occasions and are even made every morning for those who want to focus on fitness and healthy living. Here are some smoothie combinations that are a must-try for every smoothie-lover!

If you are dairy-free or vegan, make sure to be aware of the almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk dairy-free alternatives for milk, ice-cream, and yogurt.

1. Strawberry and Banana

This is a basic combo for every single smoothie-lover, but it never gets old! Strawberry and banana pair amazingly together in almost every food and drink; in smoothies, they are much better!

Put some vanilla ice-cream, milk, strawberry pieces, and banana slices into your blender to mix up a sweet smoothie that will silk in your mouth. Some people add sugar or whey powder as additions, and some others use Greek yogurt with ice instead as a base. Some people even add oats and almonds to their mix to bring some extra crunch into this smoothie.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

2. Triple-Berry

One specific combination that tastes absolutely delicious is a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. This triple-berry combo tastes amazing with milk and chocolate ice-cream to have that extra silky flavor, but it also resonates well with the three different tastes.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

3. Tropical Blueberry

If you are looking for a classic beach smoothie, this is definitely the recipe to try. A tropical blueberry smoothie consists of chopped pineapple, blueberries, and cut oranges.

It is best to base this smoothie with just water and sugar because the milk does not really go well with the ingredients and takes away the tangy flavor.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

4. Morning Sunrise Combo

Starting off your day with a fresh smoothie is an amazing way to boost your energy. Mix up some raspberries, orange slices, chopped banana slices, and mango slices to produce a morning specialty for yourself.

This smoothie brings a refreshing glow onto you in the morning, and it has a tropical sunrise flavor that will instantly boost your energy

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

5. Green Ginger-Peach

If you want to have a refreshing smoothie that will relax your entire body, the green ginger-peach smoothie is the way to go.

This smoothie includes baby spinach, peeled ginger, sliced peaches, honey, and a water base. The ginger will allow you to breathe a lot better and is amazing for if you are sick. The honey will add a sugar substitute and make the smoothie taste a lot better. The peaches and the spinach will give you the nutrients you need to refresh your body. Along with this, a nice water base will be just enough to keep the flavor of the peaches instead of being overshadowed by dairy.

Basically, this is the ultimate recipe for anybody who is vegan or dairy-free.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

6. Kiwi Refresher

A sweet, refreshing smoothie recipe that is a definite must-try is the kiwi refresher.

This water-based smoothie includes kiwi, watermelon, and grapes. The kiwi refresher is amazing for a summer day and will make you feel a burst of fresh flavors.

This smoothie is not good to use a milk-base because it will overshadow the flavors and take away the refreshing taste.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

7. Banana Mango

If you are looking for an amazing Sunday morning treat for yourself, try out the banana mango smoothie.

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This smoothie features bananas, mangos, chia seeds, almond milk (this is a preference, but you can use whole, coconut, or soy), and orange juice. This will leave a tangy but silky texture in your mouth and will refresh you on a nice spring day.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

8. Yogurt-Pistachio

Some people do not have a sweet tooth, and the yogurt-pistachio smoothie is meant for just that! This smoothie includes yogurt, pistachio, ginger, pepper, water, and ice cubes. This is a savory take on the sweet taste for smoothies, and it will leave a delicious spice in your taste buds.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

9. Almond Coconut Mocha

Have a taste of winter with the almond coconut mocha smoothie and find a newfound sweetness in your taste buds. This smoothie includes almond milk, coconut milk, ice cubes, cacao powder, instant coffee, pitted dates, and raw almonds.

The almond coconut mocha smoothie is an amazing beverage during the winter and will give you a taste of Christmas in a drink.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

To have a chocolate treat, try out the chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie for a silky taste in your mouth.

The chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie includes chocolate syrup, creamy peanut butter, bananas, vanilla frozen yogurt, and ice.

This will give you a nice balance from the sweet taste of chocolate and bananas and the bitter taste of peanut butter all coming together in a chilled frozen yogurt base.

10 Smoothie Combinations That You Must Try

What are your favorite smoothie combinations? How often do you make smoothies? Tell us in the comments!

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