5 Small Vermont Towns That’ll Wow You When You See Them

These small Vermont towns are absolutely beautiful and charming places to visit in New England any time of year, but especially in the fall.

Vermont’s got the forests, the mountains and the farmlands. But if you’re looking for New England charm, then you have to visit small Vermont towns. It may not seem like there’s much to do in them, but up close, their spectacular architecture, quaint atmosphere and isolated environment will impress you like no other towns in the country can. Here’s the five you must visit while on your next trip to Vermont.

1. Peacham, Caledonia County

Peacham.net refers to the town as “the most photographed [one] in New England” which makes sense as it’s also one of the most beautiful in New England as well. This place personifies petite; as of 2010, only 732 people call it home. For those people, there’s the Peacham Congregational Church and the Peacham Library but for the tourists, there’s the over 172 year old Peacham Store (which doubles as a hotel) and the Northern Skies Observatory, which holds stargazing events in the summer. This is another one of the adorable small Vermont towns.

5 Small Vermont Towns That'll Wow You When You See Them

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2. Shaftsbury, Bennington County

Shaftsbury is known for a lot of things including Shaftsbury State Park, its participation within the Underground Railroad and its relatively small population of about 4,000 people. But mostly, it’s known for being the town in which famous poet Robert Frost (writer of “The Road Less Traveled”) lived in while he was visiting Vermont. A museum in his honor is here, which is a must see for any poetry fans out there.

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3. Woodstock, Windsor County

No relation to the Woodstock Music Festival which took place in New York. This Woodstock is larger than the other towns on the list but luckily still has that New England charm found elsewhere in the state. Popular attractions here includes the Billings Farm and Museum, the Ottaquechee River’s Taftsville Covered Bridge and the hike up Mount Tom. This is another one of the adorable small Vermont towns.

5 Small Vermont Towns That'll Wow You When You See Them

4. Ripton, Addison County

This is another small town associated with Robert Frost as he owned a cabin here, now owned by Middlebury College. There’s another interesting poetry-related activity in the area called the Robert Frost Wayside Trail. In essence, this is an hour long hike with the titular poet’s work scattered on signs throughout the loop trail. A must-see for those who want a truly introspective walk.

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5. Arlington, Bennington County

Let’s end this list with another artist’s small town residence. To be more specific, let’s end this list with Norman Rockwell’s. This is partially literal because his actual house in Arlington has been turned into a bed & breakfast meaning that you can actually enjoy his house similar to how he did. Other interesting things in the town include the Battenkill River and the Vermont Cheese House. This is another one of the adorable small Vermont towns.

5 Small Vermont Towns That'll Wow You When You See Them

So what do you think of these quintessential small Vermont towns? Have you been to one? Do you come from one and want to share your experiences? Leave them in the comments section down below!

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