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Why Small Town Vacations Are Better Than Big City Vacas

Why Small Town Vacations Are Better Than Big City Vacas

If you're desperate for a vacation but also need to save up, having small town vacations might be the only option and it will be the best one you'll make!

Instagram in summertime is rife with small town vacations posts, from glitzy urban escapades to luxurious seaside escapes. Picking between these two extremes is a myth – some of the most memorable vacations involve neither! Here’s why traveling to a Small Town USA can be your best option for a quick getaway, or even a week long excursion.


Firstly, the expense of a small town is typically a fraction of your NYC or Miami vacation bill. A quaint bed and breakfast won’t cost you nearly as much as a high-rise resort, and food and transportation prices follow suit. Even if you’ve saved up for a grand adventure, picking a little town near a metropolitan area can give you the best of both worlds. Quaint Bed & Breakfasts are perks of small town vacations.

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The uniqueness of a small-town scenery is almost always photo-worthy, with family-owned diners and coffee shops galore. You’re sure to find something that no one has experienced before, and there’s something to be said about one-of-a-kind destinations.

Check out these ideas for small town vacations!


Agendas are useful for academic years and work schedules, but vacation is just that – a vacation. Relax! There’s no better place to not have a schedule than when you’re away from responsibility. In a small town, there’s no pressure to visit those “must-see” landmarks or that gorgeous, perpetually crowded beach. Sometimes a good period of pure, unadulterated respite is all you need to recharge, and a far-out village can be ideal for this.

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Making memories is a vacation necessity. Whether it’s snapping silly pictures with your sister, singing along with your best friends on a road trip, or capturing a romantic moment with your significant other. Vacations are supposed to be full of moments you cherish. Small towns are perfect for these offbeat, spontaneous memories, many of which are captured in an unplanned moment. When your vacation isn’t full of wait lists for packed restaurants, unending lines for nightlife excursions, or the stop-and-go of city public transportation, there’s more room for those spur-the-moment decisions that lead to unforgettable nights.

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It’s All Yours

A small town trip is exactly what you make it. You call the shots. Is it a sightseeing endeavor to capture the uniqueness of the destination, than a venture into the big city? Could it be more about the journey, making a road-trip playlists and buying your favorite car snacks? Is it a girls trip respite, a rejuvenating spa day at a bed and breakfast? Maybe it’s all of the above, and that’s the beauty of the small town. So grab your friends, forget the itinerary, and get ready for the vacation of your life!

Check out these ideas for small town vacations!

Do you have any recommendations for a small town vacations? Let us know where below!

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