10 Small Town Date Ideas When There’s Nothing To Do

Dating is hard enough before adding in the factor of where exactly to go on your dates. Add to that the very limited options of a small town and it can almost seem like a lost cause. You have to get creative at some point, so here are some small town date ideas for when there is absolutely nothing to do.

1. Get out of town

This one may seem rather obvious, but you never know. Maybe you hadn’t thought that far ahead?

2. Take a drive

Depending on the season, you could go for a drive and admire all the Christmas lights (or Halloween decorations.) Some people like to go all out when it comes to yard decor and that can make for a fun drive.

3. Have a picnic

Maybe there’s a nice park or even a beach in your town. Grab a pizza, or your choice of meal, and have a nice picnic. You can always back up near the sand, open up the trunk of your car and enjoy the view.

4. Ice Skating

If it’s the winter, ice skating is one of the greatest small town date ideas! What better way to get a little closer to your date, amirite?

5. Grab a coffee

Almost every small town has a coffee shop. Meet up there, grab a coffee and spend a few hours getting to know each other!

6. Go sledding

I know, another winter date idea. Have fun in the snow together, don’t let it get ya down. Throw a few snow balls, slide down the hill, let your inner child out. How can you be with someone if you can’t channel your inner kid with them? Warm up with some hot chocolate after too.

7. Cook dinner together

It doesn’t have to be dinner, it could be a dessert. Cooking together can be rather intimate. Some studies show it can even strengthen your relationship!

8. Watch a movie outside

Set up an outdoor movie theater and cuddle up to each other underneath the stars. Make sure it’s warm out though…

9. Go for a bike ride

If there aren’t many options for things to do in your town, there must be a lot of nature. Take a leisurely bike ride together and discover somewhere new.

10. Go fishing

If your town has a lake, grab a few fishing poles and set up camp on the shore. Catching a fish can be rather exciting!

What do you think of these small town date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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