13 Small Tattoos You Should Get

Choosing a tattoo to get can be nerve wrecking, especially if you have no clue what your getting. Instead of going big, why not try small? Consider these 13 small tattoos you should get.

1. Small animal paw prints

Embrace the inner animal inside with this cute little design. The best placement for this would be either on the wrist, or moved to the top corner of the shoulder. The ideal ink would either be a simple black, or a vibrant red.

2. The world is waiting for you

This can be a fun idea to run with, especially if your into traveling. Try for making it more personalized by coloring in the continent you have visited, with any color of your choosing. The best place for this would be either on the ankle, or on the side of the upper shoulder.

3. Ocean and sun combination

This tattoo might be small, but it comes with a big meaning. The wave is a powerful force of nature, while the sun reflects a time of renewal. Getting both mean your riding the waves toward another chapter in your life, and no obstacle is going to stop you. The best placement for this would be the lower arm, or underneath the breast.

4. Pineapples glore

Warm up your image with this little cute pineapple tattoo! If your not feeling the black ink coloring try instead a white ink. The white ink would also help to add a flare of individuality to the design. For the best placement think about placing it on the upper front of your arm, or on the back side of the ankle

5. Blank cursive writing tattoo

Are words more of your thing? Why not check out getting a small quote written in a pretty cursive pattern. The cost of this kind of tattoo should be fairly low, due to not needing shading or coloring. The best placement for this would be on the wrist, or even below the elbow, or rib.

6. Parallel lines every where

This might not be the usual tattoo you first think of, but its guaranteed to make people stop and stare. They might even ask you where you got it done at! The best place for this design would be on the finger, or even the collar bone.

7. Black hearted and it feels so good

This is a personal favorite since its both simple, yet creative at the same time. Spice it up with switching out the black ink for a pink one instead. The best placement for this would be either underneath the collar bone or on a finger.

8. Bolt of lighting

Release your inner storm goddess by getting this killer tattoo. For the best placement think about getting it on your finger, since this area is shown more than others.

9. Triangle for her and you

Looking to get something for you and your bestie? This is the perfect tattoo for you! The triangle theme still gives you that different style factor, but the yin yang  symbolosim helps to add meaning to it as well. For best placement consider getting it on the forearm.

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10. Moon and Sun combination

This classy combination is known for two opposites finally becoming in union. The cooperation between the different elements helps to balance out the craziness in life. Also, it doesn’t hurt that its an adorable art work! For this tattoo the best placement would be on the lower back, or on the shoulder blade.

11. Create away

Another word tattoo to consider if your more on the artsy side of life. The clean finish of the cursive will help to add something to the simplicity of it. For the best placement consider getting it above the elbow or side of your thigh.

12. Crowns are for queens

Your inner queen is commanding you to slay in this perfect design. Consider leveling up and getting it done in a pink or red ink. The final product will be sure to not disappoint. For best placement get it done on the ribcage.

13. Set sail with this cute boat tattoo

You don’t have to be a sea person to get this tattoo. However, due consider getting it done on the wrist, or ankle for the best placement.

These 13 small tattoos aren’t only cute, but they can spice up your tattoo game. Also, getting small tattoos leaves room for even more tattoos.
Jaylyn Galloway

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