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Small Tattoo Ideas To Obsess Over

Tattoo preferences change from person to person. Some people cover themselves completely in tattoos, others just have a few. There is a vast range of styles of tattoos to appreciate and choose from if you decide to get one yourself. If you’re a fan of simple line work and a minimalistic tattoo style, enjoy this list of small tattoo ideas to obsess over.

Moon & Flower

This crescent moon and flower is a stunning small tattoo for anyone to get. The design is simple but beautiful. The flower adds movement and life to the moon, which seems even more mystical with its unfinished side that prompts your mind to fill in the rest yourself.

Pinky Swear

Hands have been featured quite a lot in tattoos recently, and this minimalist pinky swear look is simple and elegant. It pays homage to the unbreakable seal of childhood promises amongst friends and loved ones. Despite the simple design, this tattoo carries a lot of meaning and beauty with it.

Paw Prints

Pet owners and animal lovers will adore these cute little paw print tattoos. Get however many you desire, whether it be just one or one per animal you have, they’ll always be a reminder of the furry friends that have been part of your life. This tattoo will symbolize the mark that they have made in your life and in your heart.

Skeleton Rock ‘n Roll

This skeleton rock ‘n roll tattoo is the perfect combination of cute and edgy. Rather than attempting anatomically correct bones, this easy design gets the point across without too much clutter or realism needed.

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is a symbol of peace and purity in the body. This small but powerful tattoo is delicately designed and manages to capture the beauty of the lotus flower. This would look good in a variety of spots and is easy to conceal if a job requires.

Create Yourself

This create yourself tattoo can be done in an endless array of fonts, but it looks particularly in this print-like, typewriter text. Keep the words together in a particular spot, or separate them across your legs and wrists like pictured below. There is a lot of versatility to find a design and spot on yourself that works for you and makes you the most happy.

Sun & Moon

These sun and moon tattoos are absolutely stunning, especially paired together as complimentary tattoos. The addition of the waves, sun beams, and stars add dimension and life to these relatively simple designs.

These tattoos would look great on opposite wrists, shoulders, or inner elbows. If you want to conceal the tattoos, try getting them on opposite ribs if you can tolerate the pain, or one on each hip.

See Also

Coffee/Tea Cup

This cute coffee/tea cup is perfect for any coffee or tea lovers list of small tattoo ideas. This design is very simple and is great for those wanting smaller, more concealable tattoos. This would be an easy first tattoo for someone who wants a tattoo but does not want to commit to a huge, expensive, detailed piece.


This stunning minimalist flower design is a simple, gorgeous design that would look good on many different areas of the body. The outline looks crisp and great in black and white, but if you find yourself wanting color, you can have fun finding which color combinations you love most.

Cat & Music Note

Cat and music lovers alike will adore this cute tattoo featuring a simply designer feline friend and an equally simple yet stunning quaver/eighth note. This small tattoo is easy to conceal if placed in an inconspicuous spot, or proudly displayed on your arms, legs, or any visible spot you desire.

What tattoo style/styles do you gravitate towards? Are there any small tattoo ideas that you really enjoy? Share with us in the comments.

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Kristen Orfanello

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