12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie 

Maybe you and your friend have hit a milestone in your friendship. Maybe you’ve made it to five years as friends, or maybe it has been one week. Well, you should commemorate your friendship with a new tattoo! Choosing something that is going to be on your body forever can be a stressful thing. So, I will make it a bit easier for you by going over these 12 small tattoo ideas for you and your bestie. 

1. You’re The Peanut Butter To My Jelly

The best afterschool snack as a kid was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And if you and your bestie have been friends since you were kids, you probably shared a moment with this classic sandwich. This small tattoo will connect you both even more as you will always have that memory on you now. 

As you can see, these little slices of bread are holding a little sign with the initial of the friend’s name. It is such a cute way to personalize these tattoos even more. Now you just need to decide which friend is peanut butter and which one is jelly. I will always be jelly. 

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

2. Taco Tuesday Every Day

The only good thing about Tuesdays is the tacos. If you and your friend are like me and love your tacos, this small tattoo idea is for you. The great thing about this tattoo is you can customize your taco. Choose what meat you want, soft or hard shell, what kind of toppings you want. It is the perfect tattoo that can be funny, unique, and connect you and your bestie as tacos are probably your favorite food, as it should be. 

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

3. The Year We Met

The day you and your best friend met is so important as it was the beginning of a lovely relationship that blossoms throughout the years. These year tattoos are perfect to showcase just how important your friendship is. 

Another awesome part about this small tattoo idea is that if someone ever asks you what the year means, you can tell them that you and your best friend have been friends for a long time. It is a great way to show not only this friend but show others just how much this relationship means to you.

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

4. The Koi Fish 

Have you ever seen a koi fish tattoo and wondered what it meant? The koi fish represents good luck in Japan, but it can also mean perseverance and courage. This small tattoo idea is a beautiful one to show your friend that you are there for them no matter what. That together, you can persevere through all the hard times while sticking by one another’s sides. 

This tattoo is also a great one if you want to add color. Koi fish are very colorful and a bit of color would help this small tattoo pop even more. 

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

5. Pinky Promise?

I always wanted one of those friendships like in the movies where their thing was the pinky promise. Maybe that is you and your bestie’s thing. If so, this small tattoo idea is a perfect one to show off not only the cuteness of your friendship but that you will always be there for one another. 

This is a simple line art tattoo that shouldn’t take more than ten minutes for both of you, depending on the artist, and won’t hurt as much as a full-on tattoo. 

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

6. The Dinosaur Friendship

Dinosaurs aren’t just for little kids anymore. Not only is this small tattoo a cute and unique one, but it also shows that you and your bestie have been friends since the dawn of time. What is also super cool about this tattoo is there is a huge variety of dinosaurs to choose from. And obviously, the pterodactyl is the coolest one!

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

7. I’ll Be There For You…

…Cause you’re there for me too. This tattoo is a perfect bestie tattoo to get. Not only is this classic 90s show seriously all about friends, but you could also have an experience like Pheobe and Rachel. Maybe your bestie chickens out and just gets a dot for the tattoo. You can tell everyone it’s the world. 
12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

8. Roses Are Red

The flower tattoos are seriously so beautiful, in my opinion. I got a floral band on my arm for my first tattoo. Like the dinosaur tattoos, you have a variety of flowers to choose from, and you could also get them colored the way you want to make them really pop. Flowers show that your friendship has blossomed into something beautiful and memorable. 

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

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9. Always And Forever

Did I just use a Napoleon Dynamite quote to introduce this small tattoo idea? Yes. Yes, I did. The infinity sign is a classic symbol of forever with a loved one. The arrow through this infinity sign shows that even when life is pulling you back into some hardships, you will soon be launched into something better. And hopefully with your friend by your side. 

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

10. Come On, Grab Your Friends

Adventure Time is probably one of my favorite cartoons. This couple here is a perfect match in a lot of ways. If you have a friendship like Finn and Jake, then you should definitely get this small tattoo. This tattoo will get a lot of attention and anyone who sees these tattoos will know you and your bestie go on tons of adventures together and will eventually grow old together.

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

11. Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice

Did you want to be one of the Powerpuff Girls when you were younger? I know I did. This is a great tattoo if you have a group of three friends. Which Powerpuff Girl are you? Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup? Have fun fighting over which one you want!

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

12. Be My Travel Buddy

One of my dreams is to travel the world one day with my best friend. And maybe that is your dream as well. If it is, this small tattoo idea would be a great way to start off that journey as it will show that you and your bestie are committed to this dream. 

If you are looking to get matching tattoos, a cool idea would be to both get the map tattoo and slowly get it colored in as you travel around, marking off all the places you visited together. Buy those plane tickets and get to coloring those babies in!

12 Small Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

The great thing about these small tattoo ideas is they won’t hurt very much! Would you get any of these small tattoos with your bestie? Share your favorite small tattoo idea below. 

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