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15 Small Simple Tattoos To Obsess Over

Minimalist tattoos are so popular right now. Probably because they’re so stinking cute!! And also because they’re so tiny that they hurt less for all the babies out there (like me). Whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth, here are 15 adorable ideas for small simple tattoos:

1. Eyes on the back of your…heel?

This takes always watching to a whole new level. If you ever feel like someone might be coming to stab you in the back, here’s a great way to make sure you see them coming.

2. It’s not for Harry Potter

Lightning bolts have been transformed to be the symbol of Harry Potter fandom, but they don’t have to be! Lightning bolts remind me to be bold and bright in my everyday life, not to watch out for Lord Voldemort.

3. Life’s a beach

For anyone who feels a weight lifted off their shoulders when they breathe in the first whiff of salt in the air. For anyone that sleeps better with the sounds of waves crashing on the beach. Anyone who thinks of the beach as home. Your perfect small simple tattoos can represent that love:

4. An eternal ring

If you love to accessorize with rings, this would be a great tattoo for you. It’s like a beautiful ring that’s a part of you! Plus, you could design it yourself to make it that much more personal.

5. For your furry family member

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know they’re so much more than a pet. Getting a paw print tattoo is a great way to remember a puppy that is still with you, or one that has passed away.

6. Your family birthstones

Your small simple tattoos don’t have to be black and white! Using the colors of birthstones to symbolize each family member is a creative and subtle way to pay homage to your day-ones!

7. Seeing Stars

If you read your horoscope everyday, base your next date on star signs and know exactly when Mercury is going to be in retrograde, here’s the tattoo for you. Or, you know, if you just love star gazing!

8. Bodywork

I love the idea of getting a really beautifully done tattoo just for the fact that it’s a piece of art on my body. It’s an amazing way to pay respect to art, the artist and to love your body a little more.

9. Hang Loose

A simple reminder to be chill can do wonders during a stressful time. Just look down and remember to take it easy, man! On the flip side, this is great if your name starts with a “Y,” because this is how you say that letter in American Sign Language.

10. Eat, Sleep, Breathe Makeup

If you fall asleep thinking about the perfect color combo for your eye shadow the next day, here’s the tattoo for you! Makeup is an art form, so why not get a little piece of art to commemorate your love for it?

11. Don’t Look Back

The beautiful thing about arrows is they’re always moving forward. Here’s a reminder to keeping looking ahead and forget about what can’t be changed.

See Also

12. Best Friends Forever

Matching friendship tattoos get really cheesy really fast. If you’re going to do it, get something that can stand alone, but is still meaningful to your relationship!

13. Make a Wish

Shooting stars are one in a million and so are you! Get a tattoo to remind yourself that you’re unique and awesome because of it.

14. Just for you

A tattoo should be a very personal act. Get your small simple tattoo done in a place that won’t be seen too often can make it even more meaningful to you, like a secret.

15. Wayward Traveller

Get a tattoo to remind yourself of all the beautiful places you’ve been! From the mountains to the sea, the Earth is an outstanding place, so get a memento of it on your body.

What are your favorite small simple tattoos? Let us know in the comments below!


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