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10 Small Gestures That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile

10 Small Gestures That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile

10 Small Gestures That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile

Contrary to popular belief, women don’t require extravagant gifts or gestures in order to be happy. In fact, it’s small gestures that make us smile the most. Whether you choose to flatter her with a compliment or cook her favorite meal, you’ll easily melt her heart. Here are 10 small gestures that will make your girlfriend smile.

Send A Cute Text Message

Sending a cute text message to your girlfriend is a small gesture that will have her smiling from ear to ear. You could choose to send her a good morning text or tell her how much you love her. Whatever cute text message you choose to send, it’s always nice to know that you’re being thought of.

Give Her A Compliment

Believe it or not, giving your girlfriend a compliment means more than you know. Sometimes it’s nice to be told that you look beautiful. If your girlfriend decides to switch up her appearance or style, tell her that she looks nice. It feels good to know that your partner takes notice.


Cook Her Favorite Meal

Food is the key to every woman’s heart. Rather than taking her out to eat, cook her favorite meal and serve it over a candlelit dinner. With the right ingredients and a whole lot of love, she’ll be grateful for the small gesture.

Plan A Date Night

With crazy schedules, it can be challenging to find time to spend together. Whether you choose to take her to the movies or the place where you first met, planning a date night will result in some quality time spent together. Nothing says romantic like a spontaneous date night.

Surprise Her With Flowers

You can never go wrong with surprising your girlfriend with flowers. Whether you choose to have them delivered or give them to her yourself, she’ll be thankful for the small gesture. For bonus points, find out what her favorite flowers are and surprise her with those. This will surely show her that you care.


Giver Her A Massage

Giving your girlfriend a massage will surely cause her to fall more and more in love with you. After a busy and tiring day, a massage will ease her mind of any stress that may be building. If you really want to make her smile, light some candles and lather her in her favorite lotion or oil.

Leave Notes For Her To Find

While it’s nice to receive cute text messages, it’s even better to write her handwritten notes. You can choose to write her a love letter or jot down some of her favorite quotes. After you’ve finished pouring your heart out, hide them in spots that she visits on a daily basis. This is one small gesture she’ll appreciate.

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Give Her A Sentimental Gift

The best gift you could ever get your girlfriend is one with sentimental value. You can make a photo collage of your favorite memories or a jar full of notes stating what you love about her. Some of the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

Show Her Affection

After a long day of work, nothing is better than laying down with your girlfriend while showing her affection. Not only will this make her feel loved, but it will help her unwind. Rather than using it as an excuse to get sexual, hold her in your arms while caressing her hair. This will make her feel protected and comforted all at the same time.

Complete Household Tasks

Small gestures don’t always need to be elaborate. In fact, most women would appreciate a clean living space over a fancy piece of jewlery any day. If you plan on cleaning together, offer to complete tasks that she might not be the biggest fan of. With a clean living space and a happy girlfriend, it’s a win-win for the both of you.


Surprising your girlfriend with small gestures will show her that you appreciate and love her beyond words. Let us know your favorite small gestures in the comments below!

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