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15 Small Gestures That Will Instantly Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

15 Small Gestures That Will Instantly Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

There are so many ways to make your partner feel appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a huge gift or favor, these small gestures will do the trick.

1. Snuggle or cuddle, whatever you want to call it, regularly.

Regular cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin which is the “feel good hormone”, reduces blood pressure, and strengthens the bond between you and your partner.

2. Jam out to your partner’s feel good songs.

Whether it’d be backstreet boys, NSYNC, or Maroon 5; sing your heart out with your partner. It lets them know that you’re comfortable doing silly things with them.

3. Go through their Pinterest page and make one of them then give it to your partner as a random present.

It doesn’t matter if it looks like it came out high end luxury store or it looks like a third grader did it. It’s the thought that you spent the time looking through your partner’s page and even tried your best to make it. So grab your supplies, turn on some music, and do some arts and crafts.

4. Play with their hair.

Your partner’s face is an intimate and personal part of their body. That’s why a lot of people spend so much money on cosmetics and hair care products. So when you play with your partner’s hair, you are not just in their “space”, you are in their “very personal space” and your partner letting you in his/her “very personal space” is what creates a strong bond between couples.

5. Leave hidden notes of simple I love you or words of encouragement and  put it in places your partner always looks at.

On days where your partner has an exam or an important meeting, find a powerful quote or write i love you on a piece a paper or even text them. Its the thought that your partner will be by your side no matter what happens that day.


6. Ask about their day.

There will be days when your partner will have their world turn upside down and your partner needs someone that will let them know that they are not alone. There will also be days when your partner will have a huge accomplishment and they need to tell someone about it. whatever it is, be that someone.

7. Make the bed while your partner is in the shower or getting ready.

A made bed = de-cluttered space. A De-cluttered space = lower stress levels. lower stress level = happy partner.

8. Hold your partner’s hand.

One of the things that I like to do while driving is to look at my girlfriend’s eyes, give her a quick smile, and hold her hand. It lets her know that I think about her every second and I’m always by her side.

9. Bring them coffee.

Deliver a fresh brewed coffee,preferably in bed, just the way she likes it and, for bonus points, taste test it to make sure its not too hot.

10. Preheat their car.

if its 20 degrees outside, take the risk of getting a cold and preheat that car. Your partner will appreciate that you risked your life just to make sure they get to work comfortably!


11. “Did you get home ok?” texts

The perfect text to send to let them know you care and that your partner is important to you.

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12. Plan a date night.

Make sure everything is planned out to the smallest detail. If your partner ask,”where do you want to eat?” and you respond with,”I don’t know, where do you want to eat?”, that conversation is a guaranteed 20 minutes of driving around deciding for a place to eat at. The key words are be prepared and make sure to make your partner feel appreciated and special.

13. Pack a care package.

There will be days when your partner will be stressed out and those are the days when they will need you the most. So pack a little care package for that stressful day. Favorite treats, magazines if your partner is flying, tylenol, a lint brush, whatever it is that will give them success for that day and make them feel special.

14. Turn on the shower.

It is hard enough to get up in the middle of winter from your inviting warm bed. So get up a little early, turn on the shower, so it can warm up the entire bathroom and your partner won’t have to stand in the cold bathroom naked.

15. Listen!

Most important of all to make your partner feel appreciated is to listen. Set your phone down, close your laptop, and look at your partner’s eyes when talking. Don’t think about last night’s game, or the new purse coming out. Focus on your partner and give them your full attention.


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