10 Small Gardening Ideas To Bring Life To Your Yard

10 Small Gardening Ideas To Bring Life To Your Yard

Have you ever wanted a garden, but you aren’t sure you have the green thumb for it?  Or maybe you don’t have the space?  Small gardens are the perfect way to create the earthy and humble feel, with out a lot of maintenance, or space used.  Check out these 10 Small Gardening ideas.

1.)  Tea Cup Herb Garden

Having an Herb garden right within reach is a cooks dream.  There are many unique ways to bring herbs into the kitchen. Tea cups are the perfect fit to round out your kitchen.  What a cute, expressive and simple way to add a small garden to your house and decorate at the same time.

10 small gardening ideas to brighten up your yard


2.) Pallet Wall Garden

For a small space inside or outside using a wood pallet is a great way to use up wall space when you don’t have any ground space to call your own.  Whether you are planting flowers for show, small veggies or herbs, a pallet garden wall is not only functional, it’s a gorgeous piece of wall art.

10 Small Gardening ideas to brighten up your yard

3.) Cinder Block Garden

A cinder block garden can be fairly inexpensive and can be as big or small as you would like.  Their rectangular shape allows you to put them tightly in the corner, or make a small separating wall or even bench as needed.   They are very Multi-functional.

10 Small gardening ideas that will brighten your yard


4.) Light Bulb Garden

 You hand make them or purchase the Light bulb vases yourself, a sleek , elegant and decorative way to make a small garden is to use light bulbs.  Hanging from strings from your deck, kitchen window or over another garden space leaves the options endless. You can even place them on their side in a windowsill with a dry succulent garden inside for decor.

10 smally gardening ideas to bring life to your yard

5.) DIY Rain Gutter Garden

Making a hanging garden is a great way to plan when you don’t have a lot of space on the ground.  Using old Rain gutters is the perfect solution to making your garden rows thrive. If you don’t have any old rain gutters around, you could purchase a few rows ( they are not very expensive) or use Plastic pipe cut in half to create the same look.  This give you the ability to make them as long or as short as you want.


10 Small Gardening ideas to bring life to your yard

6.) Hanging Paint Can Garden

What an easy find.  Hold onto those extra coffee cans, paints cans or any tin can you come across.  Give them a little color, splash of paint and drill a hole on one side on the top and a few on the bottom.  Finding a fun place to hang them makes for an artsy and colorful garden, and a perfect option for those plants meant to hang and dangle out of the pot!

10 Small gardening ideas to bring life to your yard


7.) Shoe Garden

Have you ever heard of a shoe garden.  Whether it is adorable rustic old shoes you don’t wear anymore, happen to find at the thrift store that are so fun and unique but something you would never wear, or purposely find some colorful rain boots to make a colorful hanging garden.  This would be adorable displayed in a kitchen window, on a balcony or on a small fence.

10 Small Gardening ideas to brighten up your yard

8.) Stacking Pots

One way to make a big statement but in a small amount of space is by stacking pots.  Whether you by a pre-made pot that has multiple planting and growing opportunities in one big pot, or you purposely stack you pots to make a faulty tower of collected plants, it is a great way to build a towering garden for the corner of your kitchen , balcony or very small backyard.

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10 Small gardening ideas to brighten up your yard

9.) Patio Ivy

One thing I love is IVY.  If kept well it can be a controlled greenery that benefits your backyard.  We have some growing down our old chain link fence that separates our driveway from our neighbors and in the summer and spring it feels very green and inviting.  You can buy Ivy to add to your garden. You can control it by giving it wire, whether in ropes or grids to follow. If you have a small space, much like the pallet wall it can be a gorgeous backdrop to a small garden or patio.


10 Small gardening ideas to brighten up your yard

10.) Bird House Garden

Much like the tea cups, bird houses can give your garden and very earthy and open feel.  Using bird houses of various sizes shapes and colors, can bring some colorful and fun vibe to your deck or backyard patio.  Whether you house them with standing pots inside because you don’t have the floor or table space, or fill them with leafy vines and flowers to fill the space, it is sure to be the topic of conversation at your next gathering.

10 Small gardening ideas to brighten your yard

I don’t have a green thumb at all but I really want to try out a few of these gardening ideas.  Which garden is right for you?  The Herbs for cooking?  The shoes for color and fun?
Featured Image: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-rain-boots-garden-on-a-fence/