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Small Dorm Room Furniture Perfect For New College Students

Yay, you’re a new college student. That is so exciting and you are about to learn about the perfect dorm room furniture for your new adventure! The key is to save room! You are essentially going from a whole house, or apartment, into a one room area. You may have to downsize a little! Here are some critically important pieces that will help you outfit your dorm room in style!

1.) Bed Raisers!

Surely, you know about the notoriously small dorm rooms colleges are still advertising to students. Every teeny tiny square inch of your small dorm room area needs to be used to the fullest. And the easiest way to do that is to use bed raisers. Have you ever heard of them? Check these ones out. These are SO useful. Getting those extra few inches under your bed means that you can store more bins and whatever else you need underneath! You will notice in the picture below the little black bed raisers underneath each leg of the bed. They are hardly noticeable and allot for way more storage! With your new found storage, you can add a bookshelf under your bed to keep all of your new smart college books! With all the extra space, you can stow some snacks or extra blankets underneath for the needed movie day after Mid-Terms!

2.) Mini Refrigerator

This one may be a no brainer but it is sometimes looked past as a necessity in your small dorm room because of the allure of the dining hall. Though the dining halls at most colleges are full of tasty choices, it is still useful to have a mini fridge. You can go grocery shopping, keep snacks and left overs and stick to a stricter schedule if you can sometimes cut out the trip to the dining hall. Check out this option for a versatile mini fridge. The picture below features a beautiful dorm room with a mini fridge and a microwave! As you can see, the fridge takes up minimal space and doesn’t compromise the beauty of the dorm room either. Yes, most fridges are expensive and if you are on a budget, you may shy away from this investment. It is understandable and absolutely not a necessity. However, this mini fridge will last you for an extremely long time and will be something that you can either sell when you graduate or use when you move out on your own. Also, double check on Facebook Marketplace and at your local thrift and discount shops for lightly used Mini Fridges at a more reasonable price. If you find one, clean it out good with Clorox wipes and it is as good as new and ready to go to college with you!

3.) Shoe Shelves

Anytime you can maximize the space by building up instead of out in a small dorm room you will be thankful! It is the same ideal adopted by architects who began building skyscrapers. That being said, using a shoe shelf is a great way to stack instead of spread in small space! It is also a way to keep your shoes separate from your roommate. This way you can keep track of them and they don’t pile up at the door of your dorm room and get mixed up with your roommate who may have the same sized shoe as you! When you move into your dorm room, you may have the option of going home often to switch out shoes depending on every season. However, if you are moving far away to college, you may need to bring those winter boots, Uggs and booties in August. It’s quite helpful to have a place to store those out of season shoes in your new space for the rest of fall! I guarantee you will never have an open space on your shoe shelf in your dorm room if you decide that this is a necessity for you too!

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4.) Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves of any sort, especially small ones, are always a suitable option for a tight and shared space. That being said, there are some specific ones that are beautiful and functional, which is key right? Hanging shelves are such a great way to get stuff off the floor and give a spot to everything. That is one of the most important parts of functioning in a small space. These shelves are beautiful and neutrally colored so they will match any space. The canvas material lends a luxurious aspect to the room and is surprisingly durable. They can hold your sweaters, sweatshirts that sport your new college logo or even your flip flops or sandals! The other fabulous thing about these shelves is that if you end up not needed as many, you just unhook them, fold them up and stow them away in the bottom of your drawer in your dorm room. They take up little to no space and are there if you need them again!

5.) Folding Chair

Not just any folding chair. This fluffy and hip folding chair will soon be your favorite small dorm room furniture accessory. There is something just a little bit unsanitary about having all of your fun and active new friends over to your dorm room for the first time, just for them to jump into your beautifully made bed (with risers) and mess it all up. But, that is the problem with such tiny rooms! Not always a lot of space for extra seating arrangements. However, these small and comfortable folding chairs are convenient to keep on hand and when you do have friends over take them out and set them up. The more the merrier and you will want people to be relaxed in your new space. When you don’t need the seating, fold them up and slip them behind your bed or desk. I know it may seem a little bit pricey for one chair but you will be super pleased you invested when there are four new friends in your dorm room with smelly feet and muddy shoes!

You are a new college student moving into a dorm for the first time ever! That is so fantastic (and so scary!). Anyway  you can cut down on dorm room to-dos that stress you out will help to enrich your new college experience! You want to have fun and learn and grow in college. Start with a solid base and a cozy dorm room! This article is sure to help you get those things you can’t live without!

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