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5 Small Changes To Increase Your Activity And Improve Your Fitness

5 Small Changes To Increase Your Activity And Improve Your Fitness

5 Small Changes To Increase Your Activity And Improve Your Fitness

Modern life’s conveniences means our daily activity are at an all-time low. Not moving enough equals excess weight and a general decline in fitness levels. Sometimes life gets in the way of a workout! However, there are a few things that can be done about this. These 5 Small Changes to your daily routine will increase your daily activity, get your body moving and over a period of time, help improve your general fitness levels. These changes are simple and easy to fit into any busy schedule. The end result will get you fit, active and moving!

1. Park And Walk

Instead of driving into work/school everyday, wake up a little earlier, leave your car parked at home and walk! Walking is a good form of exercise to start with for people with low-activity levels. Its gentle, low impact yet still a great cardiovascular exercise that particularly works your leg and thigh muscles. It’s also a great weight-bearing exercise that can help strengthen your bones. If you live too far from your work or school to walk, then just drive hallway, park your car and walk the rest of the way.


2. Crunches At The Desk

Being sat at a desk all day at work/school means activity levels are constantly low. A great way to help tone your stomach and thighs whilst sat down is by doing Crunches at your desk. Alternate between stomach crunches and thigh crunches periodically throughout your day, and gradually increase the number of crunches you do. Not only will you help boost your core strength, you’ll start to feel you body become tight and toned whilst burning excess calories. The best part is that you don’t even have to stand up!

3. Micro Work-Outs

The internet is a great source for finding Micro-workout ideas and suggestions. These workouts usually last between 10-15 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your own home first in the morning. They’re great for either targeting specific body parts, or for an all-over body workout. There are some great Micro-workouts on YouTube with step-by-step guides from professional trainers – and plus its free! Workouts are a pain to fit into anyone’s schedule, however these 10-15min Micro-workouts are quick, easy and a great solution low activity.

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4. Join A Class

Going to the gym can sometimes be a nerve racking or anxiety-provoking experience. Being surrounded by all these super fit people and consequently feeling inadequate yourself isn’t fun – so why not do something that is fun? There are so many great classes and activities to do that don’t involve going to the gym – perhaps a dance class, or a yoga class, or even a rock climbing class. There’s lots to choose from, and not only is it a great way to learn something new, it’s also a fun and sociable activity to do with friends. Stop by our local fitness centre and see what they have to offer!


5. Clean Up!

Those chores you hate doing may be the answer to improving your fitness! Remember, the goal is you’re your bod moving, and an hour of deep cleaning your house, vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping will definitely work up a sweat. It’s a great cardiovascular activity to help build strength and resistance, whilst burning excess calories. Not only will it boost your activity, your house will be much cleaner.

Living a more active lifestyle doesn’t always mean the conventional exercise methods are right for you. With these 5 Simple changes, you’re bound to see an increase in your Fitness. Give them a go and notice the difference yourself!

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