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Small Businesses You Should Know About

Small Businesses You Should Know About

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Small businesses are a huge part of our communities and economic growth.  Small businesses are important to our social and economical growth locally. Small businesses often put customer service at the forefront of their company policy, and they help create jobs for others. Many businesses start small and skyrocket. Some businesses are dreams of those who wish to improve the world, how we shop, and how we spend our money. If you look around your local communities, you will see family-owned businesses popping up all around you. While you can shop at large retailers, you can also choose to support local and small businesses around the country and world. Several businesses are online and have websites you can purchase from any time. You can help small businesses thrive by sharing the names of loved ones, websites, and shopping for holiday gifts through the small businesses around you and online.  The past couple of years have been challenging for small businesses to remain open and continue work as usual. It is essential to help those around us and support our communities and small businesses as much as possible. During a pandemic, it is imperative to invest in those around us. Check out the businesses below and help to support some small but significant companies today! Shop small and make a big impact!

Lavishly Unique Custom Design

Lavishly Unique Custom Design is a company that offers many different and unique items you can purchase for gifts or yourself. You can find custom designs in almost anything on this website, including coasters, mugs, shirts, doormats, diaper bags, masks, rugs, and tumblers. There are gifts with exceptional designs to choose from for anyone you know. If you are looking for things to spruce up your dorm, you can find accent rugs and other great pieces to add to give your dorm room some personality. Christmas is around the corner, and you will be able to find some fun holiday pieces and gifts. Whether you are looking for gifts for mom, your significant other, other family, friends, or yourself, you will find them here! It is important to note that new items are often added to the website, so check in frequently to see updated inventory.


Olivia Kovacs

On Etsy, the shop ran by Olivia Kovacs creates handmade original animal glove designs. Some gloves are fingerless, and there are mitten-style gloves. The shop has various animals to choose from, and the quality put into the gloves is amazing! The designs are cute and will keep you or your loved one warm with style this fall and winter. Check out Olivia Kovacs Shop today for adorable furry creations!

Leanna Lins Wonderland

Leanna Lins Wonderland is an adorable small business with just about anything you could be looking for to decorate your home, body, and life! There are art pieces, bags, jewelry, candles, t-shirts, books, items for pets, activities, collectibles, items for children, stationery, and so much more! You will get lost looking at the amount of adorable, fun, and creative items available in this shop. Be sure to check out Leanna Lins Wonderland and help support this adorable, fun, and creative small business!  The store is located in Los Angeles, California, but you can purchase many items through the website.


Sweet Nothing

Sweet Nothing is an Etsy shop featuring sweet treat jewelry. You can choose from fun-fetti, red velvet, rainbow pride, chocolate cake, and even jumbo heart sugar cookie earrings! Much of the earrings are slices of cake with different ‘flavor’ variations and designs. The designs are absolutely adorable and a great gift for a friend who loves sweets or food-related jewelry! Check out the adorably delicious Etsy shop today!


Twinkie Chan

Twinkie Chan is a fun, colorful crochet creations website and shop from which you can purchase crochet patterns. Twinkie Chan has books, blogs, and a shop with the many designs and creations that you can purchase to make yourself. You can find food-inspired scarves and some amazing cozies on Twinkie Chans Etsy shop. Twinkie Chan is an example of a small business that can have its unique items featured in other stores such as Hot Topic. There are a lot of fun pieces and designs found on the actual Twinkie Chan Website, but you can click the shop yarn ball on the top of the website to be taken to her Etsy Shop as well.

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Stranded Treasures

Stranded Treasures is a gorgeous handmade jewelry and hairpin shop. If you love roses and you love gems, you will adore this shop. According to the shop owner’s note, the items are made to order and have many variations. What is great about this is that your piece will be custom to what you like and want, and it does not have to be the same as everyone else’s. You can order a piece in a color that you love, or someone else would want if you are looking to gift the item. Whether you want a necklace, earrings, or hairpins, you will find a great collection of unique jewelry and quality from the Stranded Treasures shop!


Pokify is an Etsy shop that focuses on Pokemon-themed items. Recently, I have seen some Animal Crossing items added. I love this Etsy shop because each item is a poke ball terrarium item that features a character you choose or pre-chosen. Each ball has a small pokemon inside; it is clear to see the pokemon plus the plants around the character. There are also mini Gameboys that hold the character of your choosing. The Items are unique and perfect for a Pokemon or Animal Crossing fanatic. Many of the balls are LED and great to display on your dresser and turn on at night or use as a small nightlight. What is great is that there are options for the Pokemon and style you want in various sizes. There are even ones made for proposals! These creations are adorable and fun! They make great birthday gifts or a gift for the Christmas holiday! According to the website, Pokify is the UK’s Biggest Pokemon terrarium creator, and we can see why! The items are of outstanding quality and creative! Check out Pokify today!


These are just some of the many amazing small businesses online that you can shop at this holiday season for yourself, friends, family, and any occasion! Be sure to share these websites and shops with others and help promote shopping at small businesses this year! Be the change, support others, and let’s help our communities grow stronger both socially and economically!