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15 Small Appliances From Amazon You Need For Your Dorm

15 Small Appliances From Amazon You Need For Your Dorm

Small appliance ideas for your dorm room. Dorm rooms are small and you need appliances that are similar in size

Stocking up on necessary items for your dorm room is exciting, exhausting, and downright stressfull. I understand. But once you’ve got everything you need packed (and unpacked), you pretty much don’t have to worry about anything else for the rest of the school year…except for striving for As, getting involved on campus, making friends, discovering who you are as an adult – but NBD, right? To make the whole getting ready for back-to-school process a little bit easier, here’s a list of small appliances from Amazon you need for your dorm. (Okay, okay…you could probably do without some…but they’re pretty sweet either way.)

1. A mini blender.

For all you smoothie enthusiasts (you might want to consult your roomie before bringing this one). These are perfect for quickly making that single serving smoothie before you head off to your 8 A.M.!

2. And A mini fridge.

That doubles as a chalkboard. Keep your leftovers fresh and your notes visible so you don’t forget any upcoming tests or appointments!


3. A breakfast sandwich maker.

For those days when you’re craving a breakfast sandwich and the dining hall cereal just won’t do it for you.

4. Or A 3-in-1 breakfast station.

When you know you absolutely don’t have time to make it to the dining hall, you can prepare everything you need at this station. Comes with a toaster, warming plate and coffee maker!

5. A Bluetooth shower speaker.

This mini speaker is perfect for attaching to your shower or even bringing with you to the communal showers!


6. A portable backup charger.

Leave the other charger in your dorm and keep this one in your bag so you’re always covered.

7. A grilled cheese maker.

You’ll thank me during finals week.


8. A mini coffee maker.

For those who know the addiction is real.

9. A wake-up light.

Because alarms are just way too obnoxious.

10. A mini space heater.

Especially for those students who live in the cooler states. You’ll understand come winter.


11. An instant smartphone printer.

How else are you going to hang all those #squadgoals group selfies up on your dorm wall?

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12. A light bulb speaker.

Basically a guaranteed epic dance party.


13. A pocket projector.

Talk about the ultimate Netflix and chill getup.

14. A digital coin bank.

Because every penny counts. Believe me.

15. A compost bin.

Throw those apple cores, nasty leftovers, and banana peels right into the bin without the fear of flies…or a stanky-ass dorm room.


What other small appliances do you need for your dorm room? Share in the comments!


Do you know of any other small appliances from Amazon you need for your dorm? Share in the comments below!

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