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10 Slushie Recipes To Help You Cool Off

10 Slushie Recipes To Help You Cool Off

10 Slushie Recipes To Help You Cool Off

Slushie recipes are our personal icebergs in the sweltering heat. This summer, prepare to face the hot weather by trying out different drink recipes. Instead of drinking overpriced and sugary coffee slushies, try these homemade slushie recipes so that you can control what goes in your reusable sippy cup. An abundance of fresh fruits and the absence of simple syrups will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for summer activities.

Strawberries & Chia

Get your fill of chia seeds right from your cup of sweet and chilly berries. Blend frozen strawberries together with juice or water and add a few spoonfuls of chia seeds. You will get that boost of nutrients and feel full for longer so you can play in the sprinklers with your friends all afternoon.


Banana & Cacao

This is basically a chocolate and banana milkshake made with simple foods without additives. The sweetness of the bananas will balance out the bitterness of the cacao powder. Together, they are so satisfyingly creamy. Drink it on its own for a smoothie or add a scoop of ice to make it a slushie.

Honeydew & Lime

If you’ve got the patience to cut apart a honeydew melon, throw a couple of chunks into a blender with some ice and lime juice. Blend it all together for a sweet and zesty drink that will leave your tastebuds awake and refreshed.

Blueberries & Coconut Cream

This creamy purple slushie is sure to be a delicious treat for whoever is hanging out in your kitchen this summer. Add frozen blueberries and the creamiest coconut milk you can find to a blender and mix it all up. The dark blue of the berries will turn into a pretty pastel purple so serve it in clear glass to maximize the appeal of this drinkable dessert.


Cucumber & Avocado

Imagine a refreshing watery cucumber blended with a green and creamy avocado served in a glass for you after a long hike in the scorching heat of the sun. Well, you can have it. Just blend a half a cucumber with avocado and half a cup of ice. You will be as refreshed as when Spongebob finally got water after drying up in Sandy’s dome (athough I guess Spongebob would have been happy with all slushie recipes).

Pineapple & Orange

Blend some fresh pineapple chunks with orange juice and ice for a drink you can eat with a spoon. This is inspired by the Pineapple and Orange Fruit Smoothie with Greek Yogurt from Tim Horton’s that they don’t seem to serve at the moment. According to the website they only have the Real Fruit Chill in Pineapple, Orange, and Guava or the Fruit Smoothie with Greek Yogurt in Strawberry and Banana. You can attempt to replicate it at home by adding Greek yogurt to the recipe.


Kale & Kiwi

Wash and tear off the kale leaves then blend it with your favourite variety of kiwi and some ice. This ultra-green slushie will match the grass in the park assuming that it does not become scorched again like it did in London last year. Green is such a great summer colour.

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Ginger & Pear

If summer isn’t as hot as expected, add some ginger to your slushie for a warming feeling. Blend a pear with some ice and a few slices of fresh ginger. The heat the ginger will contrast the ice and create an interesting sensation.


Watermelon & Mint

This recipe is perfect for if the summer is hotter than expected. Blend fresh chunks of watermelon with ice and mint leaves. Save a few leaves to place on the top of the slushie for garnish and something to nibble on. If you have time to prepare, make ice cubes with mint leaves packed inside of them for a cool effect. Hopefully the mint will keep you cool for longer.

Carrot & Mango

If you live in a place where good mangos are easy to find, you must take advantage of them! Blend fresh mangos with ice cubes for an ultra-fragrant treat. The addition of fresh crunchy carrots will make this smoothie so bright orange and tempting that I would be surprised if anyone chose a beer over it. You can even stir in a shot of tequila if you want!


This summer, embrace the Sun and the heat! With these slushie recipes, you can enjoy outdoor activities while staying hydrated and cool. The variety of flavours these slushie recipe cover is sure to please everyone at the pool party or family backyard get together.

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