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6 Ways To Not Sleep Your Senior Year Of College Away

Senioritis: The. Struggle. Is. So. Real. senior year of college

We all believe we can avoid it, never see it coming, and are bitch slapped in the face by it. Senior year of college is one filled with mixed emotions about adulthood and the sprint to complete your college bucket list all in one semester.

1. Do not sign up for a schedule full of BS classes.

It is so easy to stack your last two semesters with online classes that your twelve-year-old sister could pass. Instead, take that interesting psychology class or the pilates class to get your ass in shape.

2. Show up to class.

Mentally and physically. Professors write bomb references- use them to your advantage and don’t be Stinky Sally walk-of-shaming into class every day.

3. Internships.

They give you a taste of the 9-5 adult life that haunts you at the end of your senior year, but it acts as a practice round. Practice working while still having fun, practice makes perfect right?

4. Make a bucket list.

This is self explanatory, bucket lists are fun and senior year is a perfect time to complete one.

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5. Keep up relationships with younger-classman.

Who else are you going to call when you want to crash on their couch for a football game?

6. Party hard.

Take every chance you can to party with the freshman, go balls-to-the-wall in a smelly frat party basement with your best friends because it is  probably the last time it will be acceptable.

Do you have any other tips on how not to waste your senior year of college? Let us know down below!
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