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10 Skirts You Need This Winter

10 Skirts You Need This Winter

Winter can be a cold and miserable time for fashion, but it doesn’t have to be! Stop trekking around campus in the same boots and sweatpants and face the cold head-on with these cute and warm skirts. You can feel cozy and like you’re swaddled in a big blanket without sacrificing looks, all you have to do is keep reading!

1. Urban Outfitters Checkered Knit Maxi Skirt

People say you should avoid white after labor day, but this first skirt begs to differ! Honestly one of the coolest skirts ever made, it’s a stylish mix of both 90’s chic and bathroom floor tile to make a one of a kind compliment magnet. Not only is it the perfect statement piece, wearing it is also like wrapping yourself up in a fuzzy, funky, and fashionable blanket. Pair it with a contrasting colorful top or keep the neutral tones going with more black and white. 


2. ZARA Pleated Satin Skirt

This one is a perfect statement midi skirt, the pleats and cut keep it modern, while the silky fabric and beautiful navy blue ensure it will have a home in your closet indefinitely as a timeless go-to. If the silky fabric doesn’t provide enough warmth for the weather in your area, try wearing some cropped leggings underneath, they will help keep your legs warm and no one will be any the wiser! We all know a good silky piece is irresistible, so don’t even try. 

3. ASOS Check Knitted Midi Skirt

This fuzzy fix is for anyone in denial of winter, the material is warm enough to keep you cozy but the colors scream, “spring is coming!” but like not in a tacky you-forgot-what-season-it-is kind of way. It’s so perfect in every way that anyone can pull if off, a beautiful gingham addition to any outfit, wardrobe, or lifestyle. And if you can’t seem to bring yourself to take the bottom without the top, invest in the equally beautiful matching cropped top- you won’t regret it.




4. Urban Outfitters Zip-Away Utility Skirt

This unique skirt has the mind of a campsite and the heart of a fashion show. Not only does it function equally well in both situations, but it also has the zipper of your dad-pant dreams so it can be styled with any outfit all year round. It’s so multipurpose and adaptable that really it becomes more of an investment! Not to mention, if you don’t own a backpacker-runway model-dad pant inspired skirt then what is even the point? 



5.  ASOS Knitted Midi Skirt

This snowflake-inspired piece is not only literally the most adorable article of clothing to ever grace the earth, it’s also the cuddliest. Imagine snuggling up in the sleeve of a great big sweater, but better. Pastels might usually be saved for spring but this light periwinkle blends right in with the snow for some strong Elsa vibes. It may look icy but it’s sure to keep you cozy all winter long- if you’re not careful you might find yourself curled up to your favorite Christmas movie in this bad boy in exchange for your favorite sweatpants. 


6. Urban Outfitters Pleated Plaid Skirt

This skirt is for anyone who already started their Christmas countdown! It’s festive and wintery without making you look like you’re trying to make wrapping paper happen. It’s not going to happen Gretchen! But if you do find yourself in a desperate wrapping paper crunch this Christmas Eve, you know where to turn. It’s long enough to keep you warm all winter long and can be easily dressed up or down to perfect any outfit. 

7. Brandy Melville Plaid Skirt

Though fairly similar to the last one, this one is going out to everyone who won’t be experiencing a White Christmas- or even a cold one. Keep the festive vibes going without the suffocating layers with this sleek holiday toned mini skirt. On colder days it would look totally cute paired with some tights and a sweater, whereas warmer days where you are just trying your hardest to pretend it feels like winter try for a crop top or smaller shirt. We can’t all be lucky enough to keep our legs out year-round, so if you can rock it take advantage of it!

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8. ASOS Cow Print Skirt

While cow print is not necessarily considered a typical winter pattern, this skirt is both beautiful and long enough to keep your legs warm! It’s perfect for a casual day out an about, whether on campus or off. Depending on the weather where you live, you can keep the look a bit cooler with a smaller crop like shown in the picture, or if the icy wind is determined to whip at every bit of bare skin try for a higher coverage sweater or thick knit! And while cow print is fairly well recognized as a separate thing, be careful of styling it like you’re on the lookout for more dalmations- unless the Cruella De Vil look is what you’re going for.


9. ASOS Cherry Print Midi Skirt

If you’re feeling festive but don’t want want to look like you’re straight out from under the tree, this pretty little skirt is for you! The deep red and greens establish the typical holiday colors without being overbearing, and the whimsical cherry detailing is the perfect contrast to the more mature pleated style of the skirt. Though the slit may make your legs a little chilly you can always try to layer some thin biker shorts underneath to keep you warm and style it with a thicker sweater or jacket to make an ideal winter outfit for any occasion!

   10. ZARA Faux Leather Belted Skirt

Finishing it off with a bang, this faux leather piece is the epitome of both warm and fashionable, the fabric is on the thicker side, so it’s more optimal for keeping you warm without sacrificing any style. Though maybe not a typical going-to-class look, this skirt is the perfect thing for when you want to dress it up a little with a unique statement. 


So if you’re trying to get out of a fashion slouch but don’t want to sacrifice warmth, give these skirts a try! Say goodbye to the same 3 pairs of warm pants you’ve been wearing since September and mix it up a little and don’t forget to comment your favorite skirt down below!