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10 Skirts To Own This Summer

10 Skirts To Own This Summer

10 Skirts To Own This Summer

Skirts are an easy way to play up your look and make it girly but they can also make it edgy. Lets face it, on hot summer days the last thing we want to worry about is heat stroke, and a skirt can help you feel cool and cute without having to try too much. With every outfit it is about how you choose to accessorize it and what you choose to match the overall look you are going for. Shoes play a key role in your overall look as well; do you want to be comfy, cute, or sexy? You can achieve all three as long as you are mixing and matching perfectly. From girly to edgy to professional here are 10 Skirts To Own This Summer!

1. Leather Skirt

The number one way to automatically make your look edgier. Wear a leather skirt with a band tee or regular short sleeve top, with some sneakers and you have the perfect concert outfit. You can of course wear heels along with your skirt, don’t let anything stop you, the possibilities are endless.

10 Skirts To Own This Summer

2. Jean Skirt

Jean skirts always make a comeback during the spring and summertime. It’s practically a go to and super easy to style, add a crop top and sandals and make tithe perfect outfit for exploring the city. And at night add a light jacket for when the weather cools down.

3. Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are perfect for working women but they can also be just as cute out of the office. Switch out your button up shirt for a more flirty one and you’ve got an outfit perfect for grabbing drinks with friends.

4. Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are so versatile and can be worn with any shoe; sneaker, sandals, heels, and even flip flops, but they each give off a completely different look. Go for a flowery one for the summer and get into a tropical mood.

5. Paperbag Waist Skirt

These types of skirts have only recently become the new trend but they seem to be a mix between girly, professional, and edgy so if you want a skirt that has all three qualities then go out and get yourself one.

6. Plaid Skirt

Perfect if you want that school girl look or to match any Gossip Girl character. You can still wear this during the summer and get an awesome look.

10 Skirts To Own This Summer

7. Skater Skirt

If you need a more appropriate skirt for a special event then this is the one for you. Make it interesting and pick out one that has a different design, pattern or material, next time you’re shopping for a skater one look for a lace material to give off a more elegant look.

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8. Maxi Skirt

When I think of maxi skirts I think of tropical designs and exactly what you wear on vacation. You can mix it up though and find one with a slit in it to rally wow everyone.

9. Wrap Skirt

There is another type of wrap skirt that I recently learned about and it’s also becoming a trend for this summer. Although you can get one that is midi and wraps in the front you can also get a jean wrap skirt which is an interesting concept. Try this style out and it may become your favorite.

10 Skirts To Own This Summer

10. Skort

Skorts haven’t been talked about it YEARS and we seem to see them less and less but they can add a sophisticated look to your outfit, you just have to find the right ones.

What is your favorite skirt to rock during the summer? Comment below!

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