10 Skincare Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

The world of skincare can be a bit of a hectic mystery. With so many companies releasing new products on top of so many new companies popping up out of the blue, skincare can be hard to figure out. What is your skin type? What products should you use? What routine is best for you? Navigating through skincare city is a wild ride and a little bit of help is always appreciated. Luckily, Instagram is full of skincare gurus. There are so many companies and influencers who have dedicated their time and energy to helping others with their various skincare dilemmas. Here’s a list of a few of the best Instagram skincare accounts you should be following.


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If you’re looking for the answers to good skin days, Soko Glam is the account to follow. “Only good (skin) days ahead” is literally their moto and their customers will attest to how well they work to stick to that moto. Soko Glam is a company of curated Korean beauty products. Their Instagram account doesn’t just promote their products, it also educated followers on the ways of K-beauty. In addition to upholding K-beauty standards, Soko Glam is all about quality. You’ll see that in all the way they inform followers on the benefits of the ingredients in every product. So, if you’re looking to dive into the world of K-beauty, Soko Glam’s Instagram is a great place to start.


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FacTory’s IG account is for the sheet mask lover. This company focuses on selling individual sheet masks and sheet mask subscription boxes. They use their insta to let their followers know about the upcoming subscriptions and new masks they have in stock. They also educate followers on ingredients that are targeted towards specific skin types and on the proper way to use a sheet mask.

10 Skincare Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


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Christina uses her IG to share her daily skincare routines with followers as well as reviews. As a beauty blogger she shares her impressions and tidbits from her skincare journey. The pics on her account are a collection of various brands and products. There’s something on her account for any and everyone to choose. If you’re looking to discovers some skincare products for your routine, then check out Christina’s account.


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Melanie is a skincare and beauty blogger. Her Instagram account consists of her thoughts and opinions on numerous skincare and makeup products. She often takes to her IG story to further promote products she thinks are worth having in your beauty regimen.

10 Skincare Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


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Glossier is a well-known and well-loved brand. Not only are their products aesthetically pleasing, they also work. Glossier’s insta is used to showcase not only their amazing products but also the people that use them. They’re followers are as unique as their products and that shows in the way Glossier interacts with them. If you’re looking for skincare, skin prep, skin protection, or even your skin but better makeup, then you should definitely follow Glossier’s Instagram.


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Sharmili is a beauty blogger. On her Instagram account she posts pretty pink hued picks of products and shares her thoughts on them. In the captions you’ll find her informing her followers on the claims of products and her likes and dislikes. She also shares deals, discounts, and Q&As in her IG story. If you value a consumer’s opinion over the company’s, you should follow this account.

10 Skincare Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


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If you enjoy pretty packaging or simply anything in the millennial pink shade, then you need to be following Saturday Skin’s IG account. This natural ingredient skincare company uses their insta to promote their well packaged skincare products as well as pics of people using the products. In the comments you’ll find super helpful reviews of the various products. Maybe you’ve seen this line in Sephora and have been wondering what they’re all about. Well, just take a look at their Instagram account and you’ll find out.


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J is another skincare and beauty Instagram influencer. She uses her Instagram account to share her beauty routines and reviews on products. If you scroll through her account, you’ll find a soft pink toned feed featuring some amazing popular products.

10 Skincare Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


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This Instagram account is eye-catching because if its bright pics. Sonia’s IG contains fresh photos of skincare and makeup products from various companies. Occasionally, you’ll even catch a glimpse of her dog, Moira. This skincare IG account contains product unboxings, reviews, and highlights of her journey on Accutane.


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The Klog is another K-beauty Instagram account. This account is highly informative because not only will you find reviews on products, you’ll also find various skincare guides. These guides highlight specific skincare issues, how to deal with them, and what products could help. They also feature popular internet beauty gurus as weekly inspiration.

10 Skincare Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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