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10 Skincare Devices To Use At Home For Better Skin

10 Skincare Devices To Use At Home For Better Skin

While getting a facial at a salon is extremely relaxing, it isn’t practical to go and get one every day.  That’s why having at-home skincare devices is so amazing because you can actually take care of your skin every day at a higher level than just using products alone.

We’re going to go through ten devices that you can implement into your daily skincare routine for better skin.

1. Face Mask Machine

I’m sure you have heard that in the world of K-beauty, it is quite popular to use a sheet face mask every day.  This way you can treat your skin daily with amazing ingredients, the only problem is how expensive it can be to buy so many face masks.


That’s why many people choose to invest in a face mask machine, where you can make your own face masks in your home.  This at-home skincare device is not only fun and satisfying to use, but allows you the flexibility of trying a multitude of different mask recipes.

You can find the recipes and ingredients for different masks online, and that way you can target your desired skin problems without having to buy individual face masks.

10 At Home Skincare Devices To Use For Better Skin


2. Radio Frequency Facial Machine

The radiofrequency facial machine is excellent for combatting the signs of aging.  This at-home skincare device is incredibly useful because it can penetrate deep into your skin, enabling wrinkles to be fixed at the source.

The device works by emitting radio frequencies deep into your skin.  This, in turn, tightens the skin, even into the deeper layers, and thus fights wrinkling or sagging skin.

You can use this device for an overall tighter looking face without having to do surgery or other treatments.


10 At Home Skincare Devices To Use For Better Skin

3. Microcurrent Face Roller

This device works very similarly to the Radiofrequency machine except instead of penetrating the skin with radiofrequency, it uses microcurrent.  The benefits of microcurrent are that it stimulates cellular metabolism as well as facial muscles.

Microcurrent is essentially electricity going deep into your skin, to accelerate and maintain healthy biological processes.  Cell turnover increases as well, meaning that you are quite literally rejuvenating your skin.  As a result, you will have healthier skin within all layers.

4. LED Light Mask

LED light masks utilize the technology of LED light which has a multitude of benefits for the skin.  Certain brands of LED masks have different colors of light that do different things.

For example, red light increases collagen production within the skin, blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, and green light helps reduce pigmentation of the skin.

In order for the mask to make any noticeable change, you are supposed to wear the mask daily for ten to fifteen minutes.  However, it is important to note that these masks are not as powerful as those used in skin clinics.  But with enough time, these at-home skincare masks do make lasting change.

10 At Home Skincare Devices To Use For Better Skin

5. Silicone Cleansing Brush

The silicone cleansing brush is an amazing device that you can use to aid in cleansing your skin.  The brush vibrates and allows you to cleanse your face gently, while also exfoliating and removing dead skin.

The silicone material also allows you to better clean and empty clogged pores when used with a cleanser.

6. Blackhead Removing Vacuum

This at-home skincare device quite literally sucks the blackheads out of your skin.  The suction of this vacuum is gentle enough not to damage your skin but powerful enough to clear out your blackheads.

Once you’re done with the vacuum, make sure to clean out all of the material that you just sucked out of your skin as this builds up in the vacuum over time.

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If you want an even cooler experience, there are certain models that have cameras that can connect to your phone.  So with these, you can see the material being sucked out of your skin on your phone screen.

7. Spotlight Acne Treatment Device

This device uses similar LED technology to the LED face mask but is more concentrated on one area.  This device is kind of like a flashlight which is meant to be used on your face, particularly pimples.  If you direct the blue light directly at one of your pimples, the bacteria will be killed and you essentially shorten the life of that pesky pimple.

This device is like a spot treatment but rather than it being a cream or product, it simply uses light to treat the spot.

8. Jade or Rose Quartz Facial Roller

You can put these rollers into the fridge or freezer to cool them, and then roll them over your face.  Not only does it feel amazing, but the cooling effect of the chilled roller helps to filter toxins out of the skin.  Other users also say that they feel less stressed and more relaxed.

10 At Home Skincare Devices To Use For Better Skin

9. Microneedling Roller

Microneedling may look scary, but the benefits are incredible.  The device works by puncturing the skin with small needles, and as a result, creates small injuries all over your face.  Your skin then treats these as regular injuries and heals them with normal processes, and as a result, rejuvenates your skin.  It is reported to help with hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

However, you must be careful with micro-needling devices, because if you are not careful it can be painful and counterproductive to your skin.  Always follow the directions or look up a tutorial online before trying yourself.

10. Facial Steamer

Having a steamer can help immensely with cleansing and applying skincare products.  Having a designated facial steamer can help open your pores in a controlled manner, making them easier to cleanse.  Not only that, facial steaming enhances circulation and helps remove toxins from the skin.  So steaming is itself a light form of cleansing that is highly relaxing.

10 At Home Skincare Devices To Use For Better Skin

What do you think of these at home skincare devices?  Will you try any of these devices? If you have tried some or have recommendations for other devices then make sure to share in the comments below!