Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

When it comes to skincare, us girls do not mess around. Seriously, we are willing to try anything and everything for our skin no matter how much it takes. You never know what our next move is going to be–maybe we will drop $50 on a face mask, maybe we will spend $100 on an entire skincare routine. Regardless, we do a lot for our skin, and this trend to help keep our skin beautiful is what I’m living for right now.

We all know how great skin products feel when we put them on our face and they’re cold–even if they don’t have to be. While it can be a pain in the ass to put all of your skincare in your fridge with all of your regular food (ew, gross), there’s a solution. If you don’t already know what a skin fridge is, it’s basically a mini fridge for your skincare. Here are 7 reasons you need one in your life as soon as possible.

1. It’s convenient

While it may seem lazy and unnecessary to have a skin fridge, they really are super convenient. To have something like this for your skin care is super nice. Not only is it something someone might call a “conversation” piece, but it ultimately provides you with a space to keep your skin care products away from your other foods (in your regular fridge). Instead of walking to your kitchen to get skin care products, they are right at your fingertips.

Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

2. They’re reasonably priced

A lot of times when products like these make an appearance, they are typically super expensive or kind of a rip-off. However, the fridges are $69.99 and they’re a great size. You will probably never use up all of the space your skin fridge has unless you have a ton of products and things you like to use. It’s totally in budget for something that has such a big use.

Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

3. It makes your skin care that much better

As I said above, you can’t go wrong with any sort of cold skin care. Any product you use on your face (besides face wash), would be so much better cold. Think about your spray, lotion, or face mask you use on a daily basis–it would be that much better if it were cold.

Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

4. They will last you forever

You will have this fridge forever–you won’t ever have to buy a new one, and it will stay in perfect condition. Mostly because it’s not like normal fridge, and it is unlikely things will get spilled in it or you will have to clean it out often. Ultimately, you will just be swapping skin care in and out of it.

Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

5. You can put other things in it

While it may seem weird, you can still put other things in it. If you have something small that needs to be kept cold that you’re just too lazy to put in your actual fridge (or you don’t want to), you can put small items in your skin fridge. It’s like a mini mini fridge in your room. Seriously, you can’t go wrong.

Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

6. They aren’t tacky

I know what you’re thinking–it’s likely something like this can be tacky. However, there are multiple variations of skin fridges on Instagram that can go with the vibe of the theme of the room or bathroom you want to put it in.

Skin Fridges: The New Trend For The Best Skin

If you’re not convinced to buy a skin fridge, follow the_skinfridge on Instagram to see the full page of their skin fridges. Which one is your favorite and are you willing to try out?

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