20 SJU Student Discounts Around Campus

Being a college student isn’t always so easy financially. Between tuition, and textbooks; surviving can be pretty expensive. Luckily enough, there are places that understand our pain and are kind enough to cut us a little slack. All you have to do is show them your storm card, and you save a few bucks! Check out these 20 SJU student discounts around campus and NYC!

Close to campus

1. Campus Concierge

Of course this had to be first on my list! Located in DAC, campus concierge has deals for off campus events such as basketball games and Broadway shows so make sure to check that out!

2. CaffeBene

Right outside of campus right on Union Turnpike, enjoy 10% off. Pick up a delicious drink or try out one of their delicious desserts. It’ll have you thinking, “ Where have you been all my life?” Just show your student card, and you’re good to go.


3. AMC Theater

Is there a movie you really want to see? If you can, go on Thursdays! AMC Fresh Meadows offers cheaper admission rate. So grab your popcorn and soda. Oh, and don’t forget your storm card!


4. Zip Car

There’s no bigger struggle than a college student with no car. Yeah, there’s public transportation. But sometimes you just want to head out somewhere without having to follow a schedule. Zip car offers a $15 join rate to St. John’s Students! Rates are as low as $7.50 per hour and $69 a day. Not so bad! This is definitely one of those student discounts around campus at SJU that will be a lifesaver!

5. Burger King

Chicken fries have been back for a while now. Get those late night munchies on. Show your storm card and receive 10% off your whole purchase while you’re at it.

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6. Arby’s

There’s only two in queens, so why not take advantage of one?! Right off the Horace Harding Expressway, receive 10% off your entire meal. Just show your storm card.

7. Breezy Nails

Pamper yourself! Get a relaxing manicure and pedicure at Breezy Nails. Right next to traditions bar, head over there to receive 15% off! Right on 84-32 164th street.


8. Yvelisse Salon

Ladies, this one’s for you. Lets be real, getting the perfect hair is nice but time consuming. Head over to Yvelisse Salon on 14713 Jamaica Ave, Monday-Thursday to receive a blow out for just $18. All it takes? Your storm card.


9. Charlotte Russe

Get the perfect style all year around at Charlotte Russe. Probably one of my favorite student discounts around campus at SJU. You receive 10% off your entire purchase. What’s not to love?  Visit Queens Center Mall and receive your student discount with a valid student ID.


10. Qdoba Mexican Grill

Do you ever order a full meal, and ask for fountain water just to save a few bucks? Well put an end to that because Qdoba offers a free drink with a purchase of a meal. Score! Located in the Fresh Meadows shopping center, show them that you’re proud to be a johnny!

11. Cold Stone Creamery

They sing to you while they mix your ice cream. What other place can you say sings to you? Exactly, none. So head on over there and get 15% off. Located right across campus, next to chase bank.

12. Dunkin Donuts

Get your donut fix. Dunkin offers students 10% off. Located a few blocks away from campus on 16822 Union Turnpike.


13. Chick-Fil-A

There’s two in New York. Head on out to the NYC location and receive a free drink with your meal.

14. Chipotle

Free drinks must be the new thing. Head on over to Queens Center mall. Get your giant burrito, and receive a free drink.

15. Top Shop

They always have the cutest things. Beyoncé even has her own workout line with them now. Why not save 10% off with your purchase?  Online and in store.

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16. Metropolitan Museum of Art

View some of the worlds most famous art pieces. Admission is $12 for students.

17. 9/11 Memorial

Usually $24 it’s reduced to $18 for students.

18. Amtrak

Want to get away for the weekend? Amtrak offers 15% off on train travel.

19. Carnegie Hall

Offers students the option to get up to 2 tickets for only $10

20. Greyhound

So the train may not be for you, so go with the bus. Greyhound offers students 20% off travel.


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