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SJU Foodie Takes On “Untamed Sandwiches” in NYC

SJU Foodie Takes On “Untamed Sandwiches” in NYC

For all of the sandwich lovers out there – this one’s for you. Untamed Sandwiches was created when grass-fed meat lover Andy Jacobi and Chef Ricky King got together and started talking about having a restaurant that carried only grass-fed meat.

All sandwiches here are 100% sustainable.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically an environmentally friendly way of growing and distributing food. Also, allowing animals to love and eat what they want results in the best meat they could ask for. Plus, all veggies on their yummy sammies are locally grown and pesticide free. How cool is that?

Now, something amazing about this place?

They serve brunch Monday through Friday 8am – 10:30am and on the weekends 12pm – 5pm. Yes, you heard that right!


Their menu consists of a great selection of sandwiches and breakfast items as well as sides, soups and desserts! One look at this menu and your mouth will be watering.

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Definitely don’t overlook this sandwich shop!

Next time your tummy starts rumbling, stop in and check Untamed Sandwiches out at 43 West 39th St NY, NY!

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