20 Signs You Go To UC Berkeley

Ever hear of the Berkeley Bubble? Well, these are the sure tell signs you go to UC Berkeley and are in that awesome Berkeley Bubble!

Ever hear of the Berkeley Bubble? Well, the Berkeley Bubble perfectly describes the environment surrounding this wonderful, yet extremely hard campus. It seems that us “Berkeley students” never leave Berkeley. These are the top 20 signs you go to UC Berkeley that only students will really understand.

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1. During orientation my Cal Leader said, “don’t worry about getting to class on time because we live on Berkeley time”.


Inevitably, every class starts ten minutes after the designated start time. So, don’t worry about those dreaded 8am classes because it technically doesn’t start till 8:10.

2. Artichokes is acceptable at any time of the day, but best at 1:00 am after a night out.

This place is everything and is worth every second waiting in line. One slice, two slices, three slices, there is no stopping a hungry student after a game day here at Artichokes.


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3. Umbrellas, Birkenstocks, Books, Oh my!

Do you really attend UC Berkeley if you don’t own a pair of Birkenstocks that you have broken in from the eight miles you walk across campus each day?


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4. Game days are the most perfect days. 

No, we don’t study all day and everyday. There are plenty of exceptions for leaving the library here at UC Berkeley, the best being game day!


5. Can I see your Bid?

We all know when we bring our friends to visit, we tell them we need to get them a Bid. They respond with “What’s a bid?” Although, to a UC Berkeley student who wants to party, a Bid is everything!

6. Whether it is a good day, a bad day, a sunny day, or a rainy day…YOGURT PARK is that one place that will put a smile on your face.


This was the first place I went on move in day and continues to be the hot spot on all other days. Here’s a tip…the Mini is definitely not Mini!! Therefore, order a small and you’ll be full for forever!

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7. “Swiper no swiping!” Just kidding, we all want swipes for Crossroads!


Find a freshman and get that swipe for free food!! Plus late night meals are a beautiful thing!

8. Sometimes we see squirrels more than we see fellow students on this campus.

Don’t worry, they’re our friends. It even seems that they are more fascinated with our reading then even we are at times.


9. We question everyday if this degree is even worth it?

All nighters in the library! Projects! Papers! Midterms! Finals! The truth is, it is okay to be overwhelmed at times but we have to remember we are united as a school and we are all going through this pain together.

10. It’s normal to frantically look for your student ID on a daily basis to make sure that you have it everywhere you go. If not, you will not be getting into Moffitt Library any time soon.


Students know all too well that getting into Moffitt Library can be harder than almost anything. If you don’t have your ID…except the loss and go home.




11. Don’t leave the house without layers on.  It could be 40 degrees and raining one hour and hot and sunny the next.

On an average, I leave the house for an 8am wearing my scarf, ski jacket, and shivering smile. By the time I am out of class it is too hot and I am sweating on my way home.


12. When everyone around you has their life on track, their internship picked out, their grad school figured out, and their dream job planned out…

We all have those late nights applying for internships, those phone calls home to Mom that are lives are falling apart, and those endless days trying to make our Handshake and Linkedin profiles perfect.



13. Give yourself extra time when walking through Sproul to get to class.

They will find you and they will get you. Trust me, I have tried everything. Whether it’s pretending to talk on the phone or having my headphones in and eyes on the prize, the students will approach you. From here on out, you’re stuck. Smile and take the flyer.



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Our number one rival: Stanford! Anything having to do with them turns into something big. So big that during Big Game Week (Berkeley vs. Stanford) we light up Doe Memorial Library to show everyone our true colors.


15. Everyone says “Hella”

Even if you don’t say it yourself, try to make this word part of your vocabulary.

16. The hike to The Big C is the perfect place to see everything that is Berkeley and beyond.


This hike offers a beautiful wonder of Berkeley, the magical swing.

17. Needing a map to find all the libraries on campus. There’s over 25 of them!!


It is a beautiful thing to have this many libraries on campus. Each library has its own feel and mood so you have to find the one that best fits you!

18. If you’re lost and can spot the Campanile, you’re fine!

The Campanile is our north star. If you ever feel alone, just look up and you’ll see this beauty. If you can’t see it, make your way back to Berkeley fast!


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19. Attempting to get a hold of Cal Student Central is close to impossible.

The phones are always busy. So, getting things done like registration, becomes a huge task.


20. No matter what, being a Cal Bear is everything!!

I think it is safe to say that every student here believes that this was the best decision they could have ever made. UC Berkeley brings together the most amazing people in the world and without it, we would all be lost. We are all proud to call ourselves Cal Bears. Forever and always, UC Berkeley is the place to be.

Do you have any other sure tell signs you go to UC Berkeley!? Share in the comments below!

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