10 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day Is Actually Awesome

Don’t have a valentine this year? Well don’t fret because being single on Valentine’s Day has its perks too!

Being single on Valentine's day isn't always a bad thing!

1. You will save money.

Often times Valentine’s day can get out of control crazy expensive. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, the essential dozen roses, and pricey lingerie – it adds up. But, when you’re single, you don’t have to spend money on cheesy teddy bears or stale chocolate!

2. Have your cake and eat it too.

But if you do decide to go spend a little money on Valentine’s Day chocolates (hey, it’s on sale right), you get to enjoy the entire box to yourself. Same goes for wine….

3. You get to be alone…yes, this is a good thing.

We all know how important it is to have alone time and focus on SELF-love. Valentine’s Day is a great day to do just so…it’s a day dedicated to love right? So why not spend it loving yourself!

Being single on Valentine's day isn't always a bad thing!

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4. Spend QT with friends.

On the flip side of alone time, you could spend Valentine’s Day with your single besties – that’s right, girl’s night! Get all the single ladies together for a long overdue night of pizza, wine, and lots of Netflix.

5. You can relax…the entire day.

No worrying about making it in time for dinner reservations, or rushing to get ready for that prime time movie. You, lucky girl, get to have the entire day to simply relax. Take some time to pamper yourself. You can run a bath and slather yourself in all those fancy lotions you have lying around from Christmas.

Being single on Valentine's day isn't always a bad thing!

6. You don’t have to endure any annoying couples.

We all know those obnoxious couples who are way too lovey dovey. PDA? No thanks. And guess what – staying in means you don’t have to deal with it!

7. Single folk unite!

Valentine’s Day is the day to spend with your significant other but it can also be a time to meet someone new! You don’t have to go on a fancy date but going out and meeting someone new can be a fun pick-me-up!

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8. You can literally do WHATEVER you want; no obligations.

Think about it – you have NO plans. I don’t know about you, but knowing that I don’t HAVE to be anywhere that I don’t want to sounds pretty great to me!

Being single on Valentine's day isn't always a bad thing!

9. One word: Sweatpants.

And no plans means no dressing up. Sweatpants all day, every day.

Being single on Valentine's day isn't always a bad thing!

10. No shattered expectations.

You know all those girls returning home from their “big date night” utterly disappointed with the lack of romanticism from their S.O.? You won’t be one of them! With no expectations to begin with, your night can only get better. No Valentine’s Day stress for this girl!

How do you feel about being single on Valentine’s day? Let us know down below!
Featured image source: alexeykiselev.
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