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Single AF? Here’s How You Can Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Single AF? Here’s How You Can Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Being single doesn’t have to be sad or lonely. Let yourself fly free this Valentine’s day even if you are single AF! If you are watching a movie or going out on the town; be the happiest you want to be this Valentine’s day!

1. Singles Massage

You don’t have to be in a relationship to do couplily things. Massages are great for the body no matter what relationship status you are in! Massages are great for those who need a little love on their body but don’t have someone to go with. It’s a quiet place to focus only on you and relieve the stress your friends have put on you because you are single.

You know they are only trying to help, but you also know that being single is great when you are this age. You can do whatever you want without talking to someone else about it and this massage was one of those decisions you didn’t have to ask anyone about. So rub those worries away with that massage you deserve this Valentine’s day!


2. Movie Marathon

If you don’t want to venture outside where an army of couples will be this Valentine’s day, then have a movie marathon day or night with series or some of the best movies ever made! With a bowl of popcorn and a bunch of movie, there is nothing better to do! This will give you time to yourself and if you have single friends, it could be a marathon with other people too!

Although you’ll have to agree on movies with other people, it’ll be a day or night full of laughter and happiness! Make sure you have enough popcorn and snacks to go around! It’s a great time to be around friends who love the company of others who are not in a relationship! Who says you need to be coupled to enjoy yourself this Valentine’s day!


3. Discount Candy

The best part about Valentine’s day is the discounted candy you’ll get to buy the day after it’s over! If you were sad the day before, just remember there is nothing more satisfying than knowing couples spent more than you on the same candy! You’ll love the amount of candy you get the day after! Do you ever opt out of buying candy because it’s too expensive? This is the only time of the year that put the candy you love on a discount you love without any hassle! If you had a bad day, discount candy will be one of the best things to cheer you up during Valentine’s day!

4. Shopping Spree

Do you need a day full of self love and shopping? Do you need more clothes because yours has gone out of style? Valentine’s day is a great time to shop until you drop with sales and a day full of getting yourself what others couldn’t because you only know what you truly want! Going shopping on Valentine’s day will let you get those sales you wouldn’t see the day after.


Go out and get yourself special things to doll yourself up for a night out on the town! Going shopping can relief some stress you had built up and make you more happy than you were 24 hours ago! Going on a shopping spree can help you come the best version of yourself than you thought! Be happy you have time to yourself because couples who wish they have the day to themselves, can’t because they have a significant other!

5. Gym Day

Going to the gym on Valentine’s day is great for those who don’t like working out in front of a lot of people. There will most likely be a small amount of people there because most are busy getting those late reservations somewhere fancy and way too expensive! Use this time to focus on yourself and leave the other singles to their own lonesome because you are focusing on you and not them! Be happy about looking your best for yourself and no one else.

This is the time where you should only focus on you and not other people who are not important right now. Gym time is the time where you should love yourself and do something to build yourself up! Get pumped and ready for a night out with single friends and tear of the dance floor with your arms you worked out hours before!

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6. Day-Cation

If you are looking for something to do but have no where in mind, go on a day-cation! They are great if you don’t want to spend money on a hotel or go somewhere fancy! If you live close enough; go to the beach or the city where you never get to enjoy! Day-cations are meant to relax you and go what you have always wanted to do. Get your mind off of everything and focus on yourself during this 24 hour period of time where you are the most important person!


You have so many options when it comes to day-cations and where you should take them. This depends on where you live and how far you are to curtain places, but you’ll have the best time no matter where you decide! Just make this time the greatest you’ve had all year!

7. Night Out 

Don’t be a downer this Valentine’s day! Have fun and enjoy a night out on the town! This can either be with friends or alone, but whatever you do; make sure you are having a blast doing it! Nights out do not have to be about clubbing or getting drunk because you have no one. It should be a celebration of you singleness because no one should hold you back from doing what you what to do!

Be the life of the party this Valentine’s day and make every wish you were their friend. This night should be all about you and what you want to do. Don’t let others hold you back from having a good time!


What do you have planned for Valentine’s day? Tell us in the comments below!