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Singapore Travels

Singapore Travels

Recently I was fortunate enough to get to travel to Singapore! I studied abroad in Europe so I had been all over in that continent, but I had never been to Asia before. My sister went to Thailand and she absolutely loved it so I was excited to finally go somewhere in Asia. And I had a blast! Singapore is a tiny little island. I didn’t realize how small, until I got there. If you go up high enough, you can see from one end to the other, and you can even see Indonesia in the background. I did a lot of walking around, eating, and drinking while I was there, and I even got to go indoor skydiving! Unfortunately the pictures were a little expensive to buy (after spending a lot just to do it) so I don’t have a photo of that but I do have a sheet confirming it. I’m scared of heights so real skydiving is out of the question, but this doesn’t require me to jump out of a plane, or even go up very high, and it simulates exactly how it feels. Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some photos of my trip!

The view of the Gardens from Ku De Ta, a bar that is located on a ship that is placed on top of 3 fancy hotels. You’ll see that later, but you can kind of see what it is from the shadow.

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Another view from Ku De Ta. See you can see the end of the island from here.


I thought it was funny that everyday cereals in the U.S. were specialty items in a candy store in Singapore.

One really good meal we had. I know, Italian food in Singapore but it was delicious. You put the mozzarella and tomato on garlic bread and it was so tasty.

About to try a soup dumpling that is Szechuan flavored…it was a little spicy for me, but the dumplings were very good.


Very extravagant ice creams. The strawberry sundae had cornflakes at the bottom, and the milk ice creams are actually just frozen milk flakes! I tried some of the Matcha Milk, it was very bizarre. The black thing on it was like some sort of a fungus or something I still have no idea but it was not very appetizing.

The city at night. They do a light show every night that I tried to take pictures of but obviously it didn’t come out very well. In the second picture you can see the ship I was talking about on those hotels.

I rode the Flyer, which is like a big Ferris Wheel (like the London Eye almost) and this is a picture of the Gardens all lit up at night.


Picture of the pool at Ku De Ta, which you’re only allowed to swim in if you’re staying at the hotel. I obviously was not.

Sentosa is a resort island, you can take the monorail or a cable car to get there, or walk across a boardwalk, which is what we did. It’s where you indoor skydive and it also houses a resort (obviously) and Universal Studios.

Proof of my skydiving.

See Also

A fountain in Sentosa. You can’t really tell from the photos but all the sections are connected and it goes downhill, making a mini waterfall through the sculptures.

A bird we thought may be a peacock? That flew right in front of us.


Singapore’s National Day is in early August and we got to watch as they practiced for the festivities.They kept changing around their designs, it was pretty cool.

I think the soldiers practicing marching for the National Day festivities.

I can’t wait for my next adventure!


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