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10 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Party

Sometimes you might feel that your party is lacking that special something that makes it a memorable, exciting night for everyone involved.  If you feel that issue arising in your life, you should remember these ten useful tips on how to take your party to the next level.  These simple steps are easy to remember and implement, so never spend a night worrying about whether your guests are having a good time.  Whether your party is a quiet night with dinner and friends or an all night rager with strangers, you can use these ideas to be the life of the party and ensure an enjoyable night.

1) Good Music

The first important party improver can be considered a necessity by most: music.  No matter what’s going on, you always want some time of music playing.  For a party more focused on talking, this doesn’t need to be a huge deal.  Having some quiet, medium-energy music is a good way to fill any empty silences and make people feel comfortable.  You don’t want it to be loud enough to drown people’s conversations out, or soft enough to bore someone, so find a good balance of something with some energy that isn’t too distracting.  Meanwhile, for larger, more chaotic parties, you’ll want the music to be blasting.  You want to make sure everyone can hear it, after all.  High energy, easy listening music is great for these situations.  Whatever your situation, just search up some good party playlists and keep the music on at all times.

2) Comfort Food and Snacks

Another great way to ensure people are enjoying themselves is to provide a large amount of food.  People tend to gather around food, even if they aren’t particularly hungry.  You don’t need to do anything complicated, like 3 dish meals, but you do want enough that people feel satisfied.  One good idea is to put effort into one food or snack, while the rest can be store bought and simple.  Most of your guests won’t likely be picky, and people get hungry quickly.  Set out some snacks and food that are easy to grab and chow down on.  The less intimate your party is, the more acceptable it is to serve simple, cheap snacks like store brand chips.

3) Have a Side Game

Give your party guests something to do, for the more restless and energetic partiers.  Again, this doesn’t need to be a huge, complicated ordeal.  But having a game to the side really helps set the mood and gives people options in how to enjoy your party.  It can be simple as a dartboard or a pool table.  Or you can center your party around it, like give people some drinking games.  It’s nice to have a physical game or activity for people– something that requires their hands.  Just giving people an extra option can do wonders for their mood.

4) Set an Atmosphere

Your party location should always feel like it’s ready for a celebration, even if the people aren’t there yet.  It’s much easier to get into the party mood when your location has the celebration atmosphere ready to go.  This can vary a lot based on your type of party, but there’s still a lot you can do.  It might be thematic decorations, different lighting, or as simple as tidying up.  Make sure you don’t give yourself too much work, because you want to make clean up easier on yourself.  But every party has an optimal atmosphere, so consider that before you do anything else.

5) Drinks

Of course, every party needs plenty of refreshments.  This certainly doesn’t need to be cocktails or alcohol, but they certainly help.  It’s really just important that you don’t have to worry about anyone going home parched.  Have a good variety of drinks ready to go from the beginning, and have your friends bring some extras just in case.  It’s always better to have more than less.  For the more wild parties, you should aim to bring sealed drinks, just to ensure everyone has a safe and fun night.

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6) Set Expectations

This step can be pretty easy, but you need to keep it in mind before you do any other work for your party.  Give yourself and your guests a good expectation of what the party is going to be like.  Make sure you qualify that your dinner party is going to be quiet and relaxed, while your college party is going to be filled with strangers drinking and getting wild.  It gives you some good guidelines and goals for your party, while it gives your guests a good idea of what they are about to experience.

7)Fit Your Theme

Keep your environment according to the expectations you’ve set.  Failing this won’t ruin a party or anything, but it strengthens your atmosphere if you change things accordingly.  You don’t want to be worried about breaking a fancy vase in a room full of dancing strangers, and you probably don’t want to be drinking wine out of plastic red cups.  Just make sure decorations and other materials fit the mood of your party.

8) Have a Surprise

While you should give your party goers a good expectation of what to experience, it’s also fun to push that expectation a few times.  Have a surprise of some kind for your party that you can reveal halfway through.  This will keep up the energy of your party and provide some fun.  Not to mention it can make your party a lot more memorable, especially if it divides your party into pre- and post-surprise.

9) Theme

Your party should be sticking to some sort of theme overall.  You might be ambitious and aim for a very specific theme, like a tropical luau of a party.  Or you might just have a more vague theme, like a college party.  It’s up to you how drastic you want your theme to be, and its fine if guests don’t even notice it.  But it can help you and others get a good understanding of your party and let people enjoy it that much more.

10) Don’t Host Too Much

Finally, you shouldn’t focus too much on being the host of your party.  It can be nice for the host to check up on their guests once in a while, you want to be able to enjoy your party as well.  If people have questions, they can find you.  So otherwise, give yourself permission to let loose and enjoy the celebration you worked so hard to create.

These have been our ways to help make your party exciting and unique!  What are your most useful party-hosting techniques?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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