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8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

Plastic Wastage has become such a phenomenon all around the world, as they are non-biodegradable it has become such a nuisance to dispose of. Plastics contribute to not only land pollution but water and air as well. Plastic pollution is becoming an alarming issue and steps need to be taken to stop it getting even worse or else there will be only plastics and no living form on planet Earth. So let us all make an effort to stop this disaster from happening and try these 8 simple ways to reduce plastic wastage.

1. Use jute bags for shopping

These are the most eco-friendly shopping bags. They are very strong and last very long too. It’s a win-win situation for you. You can get these in many sizes and shapes and with lovely prints too, so you can buy one as per your needs; or if you go to a supermarket, you will get the standard size which they sell. It’s worth it in the long run, as these don’t get spoilt fast, and you can haul more shopping with fewer bags. 

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

2. Use paper bags

Now I know you may not find it convenient or useful, but you can always use them when you have smaller and lighter shopping to do. I am glad a lot of brands in the fashion industry have started using only paper bags thus doing their bit to save the environment.

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

3. Use long-life plastic bags (if you must use plastic)

If there is no alternative to plastic at your supermarket, then use the long-life plastic bags which you get at these supermarkets. These can be reused several times over. Although it’s plastic, since you are going to reuse it, you won’t be purchasing one every time and hence reducing plastic wastage.

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

4. Reduce the purchase of plastic water bottles

Instead of plastic water bottles, purchase those bottles like Tupperware which are specially designed for water and fill water in these, rather than buying bottles. If you must buy a plastic water bottle from the supermarket, then you should try to reuse these more than once. Fill them up once over, rather than buying yet another one. A lot of countries have also set up recycling centers where you can dispose of your bottles and get paid for it too, isn’t that cool.

5. Stop using plastic straws

Unless you have a difficulty to drink from a cup or bottle, straws should be completely avoided. A lot of restaurants have made a conscious effort to ban using straws unless needed. Straws being small in size they are difficult to recycle and hence end up in landfill which affects our soil considerably. I recently have seen a documentary on how these plastic straws pollute the ocean and kill are flora and fauna.

6. Use reusable/ biodegradable nappies

Being a parent myself I know how painful using re-usable nappies can be but as an effort to save the environment and making the world a better place for the future generation I have started to use the reusable nappies and to be honest they are so cost-effective. A lot of companies have also started making biodegradable nappies, they are a little pricier but definitely worth it. 

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8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

7. Stop using cling wrap

We find using cling wrap a much easier option rather than just using food containers to store the food. Just imagine if we stop using cling wrap just for one day the amount of plastic wastage that can be reduced. 

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

8. Stop using plastic cutlery

You do not need to use plastic cutlery rather just carry your reusable cutlery with you when you go on a picnic or when traveling.  Plastic cutlery again is difficult to dispose of hence polluting the soil and ocean as well.

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Wastage

Thinking of reducing plastic wastage but not sure how? Try these simple ways to reduce plastic wastage and let me know in the comments below what did you do to reduce plastic waste.

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