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7 Simple Ways To Plan A Date In Austin

7 Simple Ways To Plan A Date In Austin

7 Simple Ways To Plan A Date In Austin

Thinking about yet another night in watching Netflix? In such a weird city, surely you can find something more exciting to do for your date in Austin. Toss those boring date ideas aside, it’s time to put your heads together and locate an activity that you actually want to do.

1. Hiking

Most Austin natives know about the small trail over by the 360 bridge. Whether early in the morning or at the golden hour, heading over there and taking a picture by that one pink and blue tree (oh come on, you know the one) is a classic date idea. Sitting on the rocks further down is the perfect place for some peace and quiet, along with some nice discussion. Grab a thermos, load up your coffee, and go have a relaxing date that’s enough work to make you feel productive with enough chill to not feel like you have to be one of the CrossFit queens our city loves to promote.

2. Ice-skating

It’s fun because we never do it! Sure, some folks in Austin hit the rink, but unless you’re playing hockey it’s a rare bet. In 100 degree heat on a weekday, try and tell yourself that you wouldn’t rather be at the rink. Remember to wear shorts or bring a pair to change into if you plan to do anything else afterwards, the hot summer sun is not a kind mistress. Also, if you’ve never skated much before, try on different sizes, sizing down especially, to see what gives you the best feel. You might be horrible shuffling around the ice, but at least your ankles won’t feel like they need amputating afterwards.

7 Simple Ways To Plan A Date In Austin

3. Swimming

Again, are you willing to risk doing anything else in this blanket of heat? Butter up with sunscreen, we’re taking this show on the road. There’s plenty of places around Austin to swim for good reason, including many community pools and some natural springs. Check out some of the popular swim spots in the area, the water tends to be more cool when it’s located in a place with lots of trees (which some places in Austin actually have, so i hear) and cool river water to keep you chilled. Visit a swim park like Schlitterbahn if you dare, but do it early morning on a weekday I beg for your own sake.

4. Visit the zoo

It might not be the Houston zoo, but you’re still going to go wild when you see those adorable animals. Zoo and aquarium dates are at the top of the list for animal enthusiasts, and you can sneak some pretty cute selfies of yourself in too while you’re at it.

5. Speaking of which: The aquarium

Yeah you’ve been to aquariums before, but it really is a fun date to watch the fish and feel calm. You’ll have a nice time being there, even if it isn’t the most exotic experience, it’s one to reflect on and take satisfaction with anyways.

6. Hit up Six Flags

The last time you visited Six Flags was when you were ten, but it still somehow looks exactly like you remembered. Roller coasters are incredible feats of human technology and it’s awesome to watch your date cling to your hand and scream like they’re being murdered in real time. The theme park food is expensive, but there’s a nostalgic experience lodged in the feeling of munching on a churro while you laugh at the discarded flip flops underneath the more dangerous-looking roller coasters.

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7 Simple Ways To Plan A Date In Austin

7. The Graffiti Park

Load up that Polaroid, it’s time to go snag some pics. This place was made for fun alternative dates. Bring your own spray paint and go put your initials on the wall, or draw a big dinosaur for fun. Buy some trinkets from the local vendors or hike from the top and watch the sun rise. Whether or not they decide to move this place closer to the airport, it’s still going to be well worth the drive.

7 Simple Ways To Plan A Date In Austin

Any dates you love to go on in Austin? Don’t be afraid to get out, explore, and ask your partner for ideas!
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