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10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

Having a disorganized closet can be the biggest source of stress. It shouldn’t take an hour to find your favorite t-shirt. If you flinch every time you look into yours here are 10 simple ways to make your closet more organized.

1. Take Things Out

This step may sound counterintuitive but it is probably the most important step. Taking everything out all out once can be overwhelming so start small and work in sections. Take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and really make sure you are loving what you’re keeping.

2. Switch The Direction Of Your Hangers

If taking items out of your closet is too much here’s another way to check what you are and aren’t wearing. Whenever you hang something back up make the hanger face a different direction than all the other shirts. This is a great way to be honest about what you are and aren’t wearing.

3. Color Code Your Closet

This is something I got from working retail, organize your clothes by color. When you’re in a hurry it’s frustrating trying to find something when it’s buried behind everything else. By color coding your wardrobe you’ll always know where to find a black t-shirt or a blue blouse.

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

4. Store Your Off Season Clothes

If you live in a state that has drastic season changes chances are your wardrobe is all over the place. In the summer bulky sweaters take up unnecessary space and during the winter tank tops take up hangers. Invest in bins you can place at the top of your closet or under your bed and during the summer slide your sweaters into them. Once the leaves have all fallen and you’re ready to build a snowman pull your sweaters out and replace them with all of your summer attire.

5. Baskets and Bins

Instead of putting your scarves haphazardly on hangers store them in wicker baskets or wire bins. If you don’t have a dresser baskets and bins are great places to store underwear, socks, tights, and just about anything that is too small to hang up properly.

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

6. Shoes On The Door

When your shoes are a source of struggle try putting them over your door. There are plenty of cheap over-the-door shoe organizers you can find at your local Walmart or on Amazon. They will help make sure your shoes are properly organized.

7. Shoe Organizers Repurposed

If your shoes aren’t the problem but your accessories are you can still use the shoe organizers. Using clear shoe organizers is an ideal place to put your jewelry and accessories because they’ll be safely tucked away in their own pockets but still visible for you.

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8. Accessories Turned Decor

Another great idea to do with your accessories is to turn them into decor. Have some incredible necklaces or hats? Gently nail sewing pins into the wall and viola your favorite summer hat just became a statement piece on your new gallery wall.

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

9. Shelf Dividers

For sweaters that you are afraid about hanging up but you don’t want to lose them in the abyss of your closet invest in shelf dividers. They are great ways to separate your folded clothes and keep them organized so that way you can tell where one shirt ends and another begins.

10. Add More Drawers

Not everyone can have Ikea personalize a closet for them but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. A lot of space can be wasted on the bottom of closets when most shirts hit only midway to the ground. If that’s the case with your closet buy a set of plastic drawers from your local Target or Walmart. That way if you have clothes you’re not quite sure what to do with they’ll always have a home.

How do you keep your closet organized? Comment below!

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