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14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Increase Productivity, 14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Taking a break once in a while or allowing our mind to wander can actually increase productivity! Rest and relaxation let our minds take a break, and recover before beginning a new set of tasks. Unfortunately, this can mean that we let ourselves become distracted for too long which results in wasted time and a lack of productivity.

Here are some tips to help make your day and life more productive!

1. Set An Alarm

Believe it or not, waking up at a set time every day is vital to a productive day. Not only will it help establish your daily routine, but you will ensure that you have some much-needed consistency in your day! Forcing yourself to wake up at the same time allows you to quickly adjust and get your morning started earlier than if you allowed yourself to sleep in. While many of us might not be fans of alarm clocks, they are extremely effective at helping us begin our day!

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

2. Make Daily Lists

Whether you choose to make a list the night before, or first thing in the morning, this is a simple way to ensure you accomplish tasks throughout the day! Our brain thrives off of accomplishments, no matter how small they are. Write down tasks you know you can easily accomplish along with the more difficult ones! As you slowly cross off everything on your list, you will feel more motivated to reach the end of the list.

3. Make Weekly Lists

Perhaps there are some tasks that need to be completed at some point during the week or a deadline that does not need to be met for a few more days. Maybe these things are as simple as household chores, or reminders for yourself. Whatever the case may be, if there are some things you know you will need to accomplish at some point in the upcoming days, go ahead and add it on a list to ensure it is completed!

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

4. Prioritize Tasks

More than likely, as you work on your lists, you will probably create them in random order. If there are tasks that absolutely must be done or completed that day, mark them as a reminder to yourself. By prioritizing tasks, you ensure that the things on your to-do list that must be completed will be done and will increase your overall productivity!

5. Pick One Workspace

Have a dedicated space in your home for work and productivity. By setting one place aside for work, you are creating an environment that its sole purpose is for being productive. Your mind will recognize this space as a place of work, which will allow you to concentrate, and focus more effectively than if you continuously change your workspace on a day-to-day basis. 

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

6. Don’t Work On Your Bed

While the bed or our couch might be a comfortable place to sit and work for hours on end, we will not be as productive as we could be if we were sitting at a desk or table. Not only will we feel more comfortable and relaxed than we should, but we will be bringing our work into the physical place we try to relax and fall asleep every night. This results in the inability to rest as effectively as you could! 

7. Don’t Multitask

Try to avoid having multiple search browsers, books, or otherwise opened all at once. Open and utilize as few items as possible to complete your work to increase productivity! If you are going to have a phone conversation for work or pleasure, focus on that conversation instead of trying to get other tasks done at the same time. You should try to devote all of your attention to ensure you are engaging appropriately and do not make any careless mistakes as a result of being distracted!

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

8. Remove Environmental Distractions

Clear off that workspace! The less clutter and items you have on or around your space can distract you and limit your productivity. Make sure you choose a space that is not filled with bold, bulky objects and is as noise-free as possible. If you live in a space surrounded by loud city life, you might not want to work by a window. While you cannot perfectly control your environment, controlling what you can help your ability to concentrate which in turn can increase productivity.

9. Turn Off Notifications

Silence your phone. Turn off the pop-ups and notifications on your computer or tablet. If you need your phone for work, keep it close by so you can still those important texts! Even keeping your phone on vibrate can distract you as well as break your concentration. By hearing or feeling a notification, our brains will not allow us to fully concentrate again until we read and respond! 

14 Simple Ways To Increase Productivity

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10. Get Up And Move

Sitting down all day can contribute to mental blocks. If you are stuck on coming up with a new idea, or cannot quite figure out that word you are searching for, try getting up and moving around! Something as simple as getting a snack, or walking around the room can help you get past that mental block and increase productivity! 

11. Eat Away From Your Workspace

While you might be tempted to eat while finishing up that one thing, don’t! Take a break from work to sit away from your workspace to enjoy your snack or meal. This allows you to relax and not have to worry about that task for a few moments. After you are done eating, go ahead and return back to work!

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

12. Get Some Sunshine

Whether this means you go sit by a window or take a short walk outside, getting some much-needed sunshine will increase productivity as well as your overall mood! While we are in the warmer months, even spending five minutes outside each day can really elevate your mental state. Sometimes we just need to go outside for some sunshine and inspiration!

13. Do Some Stretches

If you are working hard, chances are that you will be seated in a specific position for extended periods of time. When you find yourself in this situation, be intentional about standing up and doing some simple stretches to increase productivity. This allows your body and muscles to relax, and change positions so you do not wake up sore the following day from your body being still all day long!

14 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

14. Have A Cut Off Time

This is perhaps one of the most important ways to increase productivity. Without an established cut-off time, you will allow your mind to wander or drag out projects simply because you can! Knowing exactly when you are closing your laptop and calling it quits for the day motivates you to meet those deadlines. Plus, setting your time far enough before you plan to sleep allows you to rest easy at night!

Which of these tips would you try out for yourself? Comment your favorite below!

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