5 Simple Time Management Tips For Busy AF People

No matter who you are, we’re all guilty of wasting time when we can be doing something more productive like reading, doing homework, or picking up a new hobby. Managing your time is much easier said than done. These time management tips are easy and can make a difference in improving your productivity.

1. Apps

You wouldn’t believe the amount of apps that can be downloaded that allow you to put your phone down for long periods of time.  If you’re a college student, Pocket Points is an app that rewards you for staying off of your phone in class. The more points you earn, the more discounts you receive at your favorite stores/restaurants. Another great app is Flora, an app that allows you to “plant seeds” whenever you want to put your phone down. As time goes on the seeds will grow into big, beautiful trees and if you choose to use your phone again you kill the trees that were successfully growing. No one wants to do that.

2. Plan your days accordingly

Keep a planner! Having a planner to write down specific times for when you work, when you have class, when you need to study and when social hour is can make all the difference in the world. It’s easy to make exceptions and fall back into old habits when you simply don’t feel like doing such tasks. Staying committed to your time management goals is key.

3. Find new interests

Many can say that wasted time goes to sleeping, Netflix, social media, etc. Another thing that can whip you out of those old habits is finding new hobbies. Whether it be learning to cook a new meal, walking on nature trails or gardening. There are more fun and fulfilling things to do than scrolling through Twitter.

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4. Reward yourself

Dedication is something to celebrate! Just like people have cheat days on diets, you deserve to be rewarded after your hard work, because lord knows it isn’t easy. However you choose to celebrate is up to you. It can be 30 minutes of TV after x amount of hours of working or a night out with your friends at the end of the week. The options are endless.

5. Get an early start

*Sigh* Procrastination.  Everyone knows this only leads to a stress overload, and we never learn from this mistake. We have feelings of regret each time we choose to do something so last minute. Giving yourself a 2 week period to learn test material or start a project is more beneficial than doing everything the night before. This allows your brain to digest the information and feel less stressed about other things that keep you occupied. You don’t want to be like Spongebob the night before his paper was due.

Did these time management tips help you? Let us know below!
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