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30 Simple Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Make Yourself

30 Simple Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Here are 30 DIY decorations to get your home ready for the holiday. Thanksgiving has always been about being thankful for different aspects of your life. It is a time to gather with your loved ones and share in the things we’re grateful for while enjoying each others company with a fantastic meal.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a versatile tool that can enhance your Thanksgiving decorations.

1. The FALL Jars

All you are going to need for this decoration is four jars, spray paint, printed letters spelling out the word fall, a glue stick, and some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. All you need to do is spray paint the jar one color and let dry. Then after it is dry use a small amount of glue and glue the letters directly on the jar. Next, spray paint the jar with a different color and let dry. After the jar is dry, remove the letters, and it is done. All you need to do now is add some wheat straws to the inside of the jar. Now you have something to decorate an end table or mantel.


2. Thankful Jar

Every family is different in the way they want to share the things that each individual is grateful for the year. This is an idea to consider. It is a decoration that guest can interact with. All you need a mason jar. You can with leave it plan and have individual writer what they are thankful for on fall color paper and enter into the jar, or you can glue leaves to the outer part of the jar to make it more festive. Then allow people to add what their thankful for this year. 


3. Leaf Candle Holder

Creating this candle holder is not too difficult. All you need is leaves, glue, a small candle to fit inside the jar, and twine. This is a Thanksgiving decoration you are going to want in your home this year. You would just take the leaves and glue them to the outer side of the jar and then let dry. After it drys then tie a bow with the twine around the lip of the jar. Finally, just add a candle and light it to add another dimension to your decoration. You can also add a fall scented candle that will create a pleasant aroma when guests enter your home. 

4. Autumn Leaf Holder

The autumn leaf hold is a mashup of the first and the third decoration idea. You will that a leaf drawing or actual leaf and place it on the jar and spray paint the jar. Then remove the leaf, and you have an imprint of the leaf on the jar, and the outline of the leaf allows you to be visible see the candle in the small window.  Then add a piece of twine around the lip of the jar, and you have an exciting showpiece that will make a statement, and your family asking where you got it from.


5. Pre-meal Warm-up Jar

Some times creating a prefect Thanksgiving meal defined by you or your family can take a while to have everything ready to be served. The pre-meal warm-up jar is adding some treats to a jar and closing up the jar. You can make it festive with a Thanksgiving decorations ribbon and tie it to the lid of the jar. A decoration you can eat will be a hit at your gathering this year.

6. Wheat Center Piece

This is a simple centerpiece that will be eye-catching on any table. Take a mason jar and leave it as is or paint it a fall color to match your Thanksgiving decorations scheme. Then take a piece of twine and tie it around the top of the jar. Next, add in your strands of wheat to the inside of the jar. Finally, place in the center of the table. Then add some color with some a few different shape gores around the jars. 


After giving you all these mason jar ideas, I was not going to leave you hanging about where you can get a value pack of Mason jar to create these Thanksgiving decorations. Walmart sales a 12 count of jars for only $12.30.

Pine Cones

Many Thanksgiving decorations can be created with pine cones. Here are a few ideas to get you started with your decorations.


7. Pine Candle Holder

If you like your decorations to have an assortment of heights, this holder is what you are going to want to create. All you need is a few pine cones of different heights, stick candles, a hot glue gun, and pair of pliers. Just take the pine cones and take off the top half depending on the height you want the candle to be raised. Make sure it is the bottom half of the candle that you are using to create the candle holder so it will have a solid base to stand. Then just hot glue the candle to the pine cone.

8. Pine Cone Center Piece

For this decoration, you will need a large bowl, preferably a wooden bowl, pine cones, and large vase with a wide mouth to easily add a candle and remove it. First, put the vase in the container. Then place an assortment of pine cones in the bowl surrounding the vase. Finally, add a candle. This is a simple rustic looking Thanksgiving decoration to make a statement. 


9.Pine Cone Napkin Holder

It may sound like this might be challenging to accomplish, but trust me, you can do it. To make a pine cone napkin holder, you will need small pine cones, a hot glue gun, a napkin ring, and the name card. All you need to do is take a hot glue gun and glue the base of the pine cone to the napkin holder. Then place the name card in the groves of the pine cone, and you will be done. Now all you need to do is add the cloth napkin and its ready to go.

10. Pine Cone Turkey Place Holder

Thanksgiving decorations should bring out the whimsy of being a creative child. Maybe you made of these when you were a kid, but you can make the pine cone turkey adult-friendly by making it into a place holder. Its made just how you remember it. Create a turkey head and glue it to the smaller end of the pine cone. Then add some colorful feathers, real leaves, or paper leaves to the larger end of the pine cone. From there just glue everything down. Finally, just add the place card and place your creation on the dinner table.


11. Pine Cone Door Front Door Hanger 

This is one decoration that will interest your guest as they walk up to the front door of your home. This is a simple decoration that only requires pine cones, ribbon ( I would choose a wider ribbon to balance out the portion between the ribbon and pine cone), and an optional hot glue gun. All you need to do is cut the ribbon at different lengths. Then tie the ribbon to the bottom of the pine cones. If you want to make sure the knot doesn’t come undone you can you hot glue to strengthen the hold. From there tie the ribbon ends together and display on your front door proudly.


12. Basket of Pine Cones

This decoration idea is simple. All you need to do is get a wicker basket and place the pine cones in it. Then put somewhere in your home.


Thanksgiving decorations are not completed without a pumpkin. Fall provides us with more than enough pumpkins. These simple destinations can bring a small amount of the fall season this Thanksgiving into your home. 


13. Pumpkin Name Holder

The pumpkin place holder allows you to be as creative or as simple as you want to be. Just take some small pumpkins and paint them. Then paint or write the person name on the pumpkin with a Sharpie.

14. The Gore Stack Center Piece

During the Thanksgiving holiday season, there are a lot of pumpkins and gores around. Just find the one that you want and then place as many or as few as you want in the center of the table. 


15. Menu Pumpkin

The pumpkin menu is an exciting way to display the menu for dinner. All you need to do is paint the pumpkin a solid color. Then after it dries than paint on the menu. All you got to do after that is find a place to put the pumpkin.


16. The Thanks Pumpkin

Just like the menu pumpkin, paint the pumpkin a solid color then paint on the things that you are thankful for on the pumpkin. Next, display it where everyone can see.

17. The Assortment of Pumpkins

This centerpiece will bring back remembrance of the season. You can take the thanks pumpkin and some unpainted pumpkin and arrange them in the center of the dinner table. It will be a conversation starter about what everyone is thankful for this year.


18. Blooming Pumpkin

The blooming pumpkin is a centerpiece that is where the top of the pumpkin is cut off, and fresh flowers are inserted. Just make sure you gut the pumpkin, and if you’re using real flowers, you can place a vase within the pumpkin and place them in water.

Wall Art

19. Welcome Sign

Since Thanksgiving is about being around family and friends, a welcome sign on the front door sets the tone for a holiday. Wall art can add a festive accent wall you will love. Just take a canvas board and paint any festive design and hang up. 


20. Great For This Life Poem

Thanksgiving is about sharing why we’re grateful for life and everything that it incompasses. Take some time and write a poem of all the good in your life. It can be as long or as short as you want it to me. The point is to show have something concrete to show your gratefulness. When it is completed, hang up your creation to share with your guest. 

See Also

21. Fall Leaves

This is a really simple decoration that is fall centered with autumn leaves. Take a canvas board, leaves from outside and spray paint. Lay the leaves in the design you will like onto the canvas. Then use a can of spray paint and spray the canvas. Remove the leaves, and you will have an outline of the leaves. Then hang up your creation.


22. Thankful Tree

The thankful tree is a decoration that is interactive for your guest to join into the creations of Thanksgiving decorations. Pick a wall and create an outline of a tree on the wall and tape it up. Then cut out or create some leaves and paste some of them up on the wall, and leave some out to allow your guest to add there gratefulness on the leaves. 


23. Turkey Door Hanger

A door hanger help guest find your home especially if they have never been there before. A turkey decision will part of the excitement of the holiday season. 

24. Thanks Giving String Letters

Make cut out the letters of the words Thanks Giving.  Then place holes in the letters and string a piece of string into the letter than hang up the letters. Now step back and see your work. 


Dried Maize Corn

25. Maize Place Setting

This one of the simplest places settings you make. Take an ear of maize corn and pull the husk down to the back end of the corn, so all the husk are flared out, and the maize corn is exposed. From there, all you need to do is take a marker and write the person name on the husk. 

26. Dry Corn Wreath

A maize wreath will be welcoming to anyone who enters your home this holiday season. For this decoration, you will need a wreath wire, hot glue, and maize corn. All you need to do is remove the husk from the corn then place it around the wreath. When you have your design decided, glue the corn onto the wreath wire. 


27. Center Piece Maize

This is by far, this is the easiest decoration that requires the least amount of time. You need a few ears of maize corn with the husk removed. Place the corn now into a vase and add a few strands of wheat in the vase and you have a centerpiece.

28. A Maize Candle

The candle holder is straightforward to do. It should take you no time to complete. All you need is a large wide candle, ears of maize corn, and some twine. Place the ears of corn around the candle and then tie it with twine. You can also use a large candle that is in a jar. Now you have a maize candle. 


29. Wheat and Maize Place Holder

Thanksgiving decorations are supposed to be easy to do while not taking all your time to create. Twine, an ear of corn, and wheat. Take an ear of corn and a few strands of wheat and place a piece of twine of the bunch. One it is tied just add a place card, and you are all done. 


30. Maize Candle Holder

The maize candle holder is one of simplest of Thanksgiving decorations. Take a jar and pour some dried maize kernels into a jar. Then place a candle on top of the kernels. 

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the things that you have in life. These Thanksgiving decorations will allow you to make an inventing home with these decorations while getting back to the meal preparation. Try some of these Thanksgiving decorations for your home. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so try out one of these ideas to get a head start. 

Leave us a comment telling us what is your favorite Thanksgiving Decoration and which decoration you are going to try this year!

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