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21 Simple Tattoos For Men That Are Sexy AF

Tattoos are second nature now. They are becoming more and more common. Whether you choose to get a tattoo that is large or small, most people choose to permanently mark their bodies with something that is meaningful to them. 

Nature Themed

Simple pine tree tattoos can symbolize someone’s personal growth and ability to adapt to new and different situations. A man’s ability to admit that he’s learned and grown is sexy AF.

We all have cloudy days. Days where we just want to curl up and binge our favorite Netflix Series. Nothing says confidence like admitting that out loud with this simple cloud tattoo.

Those who have overcome difficult situations in their life may choose this tattoo. It’s said to symbolize one’s ability to overcome obstacles and a sign of connection to nature. (Wanna go live in the mountains where it’s quiet and free?)

Symbol Themed

The natural elements tattoo is said to symbolize being in tune with all of our senses. Those that require a higher element and those that are simple and base level. It symbolizes acknowledgment and awareness of everything around us.

Create your own reality and where there’s a will, there’s a way. This tattoo appears to symbolize a reminder to its owner that you create your own fate. You decide what direction your life is going to go and that all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other to forge your way through life.

I like the symbolism in this one. Explore nature. Spend time outdoors and enjoy what it has to offer. It could also symbolize someone who has both overcome some very difficult situations and grown and adapted because of those situations.

Animal Themed

Nananananana batman! Who doesn’t love the winged man who protects his city under the cover of night? One of the original masked crimefighters, Batman is a simple animal (of sorts!) tattoo anyone can pull off.

This little dog is adorable. Many people will get cats or dogs to symbolize with furry friend they prefer. This one mixes a little bit of cartoon with animal and is a cute and sexy way to show they prefer dogs.

What an adorable coyote! This image resembles a suncatcher I painted when I was a little kid, so it’s cool to see it in a tattoo. The coyote seems relaxed so perhaps it is a resemblance of the owner of the tattoo. Perhaps they are someone that is laid back and easy going.

Wrist Tattoo Themed

A simple reminder that wishing will get you nowhere. You have to get up and do it in order to get what you want. You have to put the work and the effort in every day. Simply wishing for something (despite what the concept of “The Secret” says!) will not get you what you want. You have to go for it!

Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling’s books about a young magician exploded in popularity and many are finding ways to announce they are ‘Potterheads’ to the world. This is a simple way to say that you’ve got a little bit of nerd in you. A man who can admit there’s a nerd inside him is sexy AF.

Statement tattoos. Announcing something you care deeply about has become a very popular trend. For these three, announcing that they were vegans (do not eat ANY animal products) was a statement important enough they decided to permanently tattoo it on their wrists. 

Cartoon Themed

How embarrassing. I’m including this one on the Sexy AF list, even though ‘martian’ is spelled wrong because the man went for it. He put a cartoon character on his arm. Marvin the Martian has always been an underdog character who really didn’t have much air time in the beginning.

Pokemon Go. Need I say more? The nerds in us rejoiced when Pokemon came out with the insanely popular game for adults and kids alike. 

See Also

There will never be another cartoon character with the popularity of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney’s creation is the best of the best. Did you know that Mickey’s name in his film debut was ‘Steamboat Willie’?

Sport Themed

I love this basketball tattoo. It’s simple, it’s clean and it’s clear. A simple symbol of their love of the game. Their way of saying I just love the sport. Whether it’s a fan or a player, we won’t know, but this tattoo is fandom at its simple finest.

This running tattoo, I think, belongs to a woman, but it could be a man as well. The character is clearly a woman, but let’s pretend it’s a man for a minute. I’ve been told running can be very relaxing. Just you, your music and your thoughts.

FOOTBALL! The perfect tattoo for someone who is just a fan of the game, no matter who they’re watching, they’re happy. This girl is a baseball fan, while I prefer my hometown team, I’m happy just watching the game, so I completely understand the simplicity of this tattoo and I find it incredibly sexy.

Tech Themed

A simple and clean circuit board tattoo. Easily identifiable and with very simple lines. Dark, solid work. I like that the owner is willing to admit the techie side of him with this tattoo. Being who you are out loud is the sexiest thing a man can do. 

The meaning behind this one escapes me, but I assume it has something to a lock since that’s the shape that is formed by the ink on this persons wrist. Maybe I’ve got it completely wrong, I’m not sure. Maybe someone can tell me!

This is such a cute tattoo. Again, this particular one may belong to a woman, but a man could just as easily have it…cute little heart and all. We all love our Wi-Fi. It makes our lives so much easier. It allows us not just internet access, but call usage, tv usage, even some gaming and computer usage. It’s made our lives wireless. 

Simple tattoos can be sexy AF. They’re easier to see, are often smaller and far more common than big tattoos. Do you have a simple tattoo? Share a picture with us in the comments!

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