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10 Simple Summer Activities Anyone Will Love

Summer can be an opportunity for grand adventures but it can also be a chance to relax at home. If you’re looking for things that you can enjoy with anyone this season consider the activities listed below. You’ll be able to do them with friends, family, a significant other or just enjoy a day to yourself.

1. Hiking

As simple as this activity may sound it actually is a lot of fun especially if you live in an area close to a National Park. Even if you don’t nearly every city has somewhere you can hike, even if it requires a bit of a drive. You don’t have to necessarily hike up to the highest peak of a mountain to make this activity worth it. Simply grab a lightweight backpack, some broken in shoes, water and a good friend to make this one of the perfect summer activities.

2. Museum

Another one that is perfect but often one of the overlooked summer activities is going to a museum. There are museums everywhere of every size, significance and purpose. If going to a stereotypical museum isn’t the way you’d want to spend your afternoon consider looking into the history of your city. For instance oftentimes older buildings and homes are turned into museums simply because of how old they are and the significance the building or home had for the community. Walking through history can be a truly enchanting experience.

3. Car Camping

Straight up camping with a tent isn’t an activity for everyone but car camping is a great alternative if you don’t look forward to the idea of sleeping on the ground. Many national parks allow you car camp in certain areas. From there grab a group of friends with big enough cars to supply you with plenty of sleeping space.

4. Drive-In

This is an American pastime that is slowly dwindling. One of the best summer activities is going to the drive-in. Although these cinematic experience are few and far between if you live even somewhat close to a drive-in you should consider going.

5. Backyard Stargazing

This is one of those simple summer activities that is still a lot of fun. Summer is the perfect time to stargaze because it is warm enough to lay out all night and watch the stars above head. Although this activity may be harder to do if you live in a larger metropolitan city where there are a lot of cities if you can find a peaceful place where you can lay in the grass and watch the stars you definitely should do this summer activity.

6. Outdoor Concerts

Summer means it’s warm outside and you don’t have to stay holed up in stuffy buildings all day long. Which means it’s also a great time to experience outdoor concerts. Most venues that are outdoors are ones that will let the show go on whether it’s rain or shine, within reason. Nothing says summer than getting to go to a concert outdoors and listen to music play while the rain comes down.

7. Tie-Dying

This is one of those classic summer activities that is fun for anyone at any age. Considering that a trend that has come back into style is tie-dye it may be more economically sound to make your own tie-dye apparel than to buy some. Plus it’s a great activity to do with friends or family.

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8. Gardening

This may sound more like work than it does a summer activity but there is something satisfying about witnessing something you put a lot of hard work in grow. If you don’t have a backyard or one that you can develop consider looking into community gardens. There you should be able to create your garden heaven while also being able to help your community.

9. Backyard Water Fight

Consider behaving like children one day, grab a water gun, the nearest hose and blasting your friends with some refreshing water. This is a great summer activity as well as a great alternative to going to a waterpark.

10. Picnic

Last but certainly not least is a picnic. This is a classic summer activity for a reason, you can have one with friends, family and even a date. Nothing says romance than a picnic in the park or a picnic by a river. Just be careful of all the creatures your food may lure.

What summer activity will you be doing this year? Comment below!
Shelby Filangi

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